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Current Issue: March/April 2018

Current issue of the magazine.

  • Field Notes from the Editor, Tina Sams
  • Western Beargrass, Sandy Michelsen
  • Slough with the Old, In With the New, Cathy Calfchild
  • Molly of the West: My Latest Skincare Obsession, Molly Sams
  • The Best Culinary Herbs You Have Not Yet Tried, Marcy Lautanen-Raleigh
  • Ferns—The Ancient Ones, Debra Sturdevant
  • Cold/Congestion Shower Tabs, Tina Sams
  • Scented Geraniums—A Victorian Delight, Barbara Steele
  • Dill—More Than Pickles, Maryanne Schwartz
  • Flower Essences: Healing “Co-creatively,” Jen Frey
  • In Memorium: James (Jim) A. Duke, PhD, Susanna Reppert/Brill
  • The Case for Cannabis—A Natural (R)Evolution (Part 2 of 2), Lisa Camasi
  • Plant This Instead, Kathy Musser
  • What are Liberty Teas? Jackie Johnson
  • Reflections of Winter, Gale La Scala
  • 10 Ways to Combat Cabin Fever, Rita Richardson

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The Buzz—What Our Readers Have To Say!

We’re sure you’ll love every information packed issue of The Essential Herbal—but don’t take our word for it. See what our readers have to say!

This is the essential herb magazine for every herb enthusiast! Written by herbalists for herbalists, it's got something for everyone—the herb gardener, the cook, the home medicine maker, and community practitioner. Down home, folksy, fun and wise, The Essential Herbal is like an old comforting friend who continues to surprise and delight as one turns the pages on a familiar but ever changing subject. I love this magazine and look forward to every issue.

Rosemary Gladstar, herbalist & avid reader

I don't mind telling you... this note made my year. I asked the readers what they'd like to see change, and this was one of the answers:

... I think the magazine is perfect the way it is. It is warm and welcoming. Even to the people like me who are just learning. The warmth includes everyone and “eases” them into this wonderful community where they are accepted as one of the members.

It teaches, answers questions and gives the reader such an interest in the subjects covered. It makes me want to try. And never looking down on the new kid on the block. We all fit in. Because you and your staff make room for us. And strange as it sounds the magazine gives me courage to try things and maybe fail. Because of the honesty of the writers. I go into something with the thought that I will succeed, but I know that if I fail, I will try again and learn by my mistakes. Because some the people I have the most respect for, probably made mistakes along the way. And like me they learn by them and can laugh about them. I must be getting more confident, because I can talk about my mistakes and joke about them. And you know something, it feels good!

There are so many things I've come across in the magazine that I can't wait to try. So many plants I can't wait for spring so I can try my hand at growing. So much to learn!!!!!

Thank you for the magazine and thank you all for being so wonderful and human!



The Essential Herbal Magazine is the ONLY Herbal Magazine I subscribe too, or for that matter, buy. I like the variety of articles, written by knowledgeable people that seem like friends. I buy a lot of gardening and decorating magazines, and am always disappointed by the the pages of glossy ads, and have actually seen the same picture is more than one magazine. Not so for the Essential Herbal. Just pages of good information that herb lovers can put to use! Thanks too for “going green” with the soy ink. Keep on writing!

Karen Creel

Chickamauga, GA

The Essential Herbal is a must-have magazine for any person interested in herbs. Written by and for herbal aficionados, its breadth of scope covers folk lore, remembrances, scientific study and empirical usage - all in a friendly, down-to-earth manner. Well stocked with ideas and recipes to get you actually using the herbs, The Essential Herbal is a resource you will use thyme and again.

Betty Pillsbury

Middleburgh, NY

The Essential Herbal is chock full of wonderful recipes and information for anything 'herbal' .. not to mention the food recipes.

The women that interact with the TEH are amazing and intelligent and funny.!!!

When I get my copy .. I sit with my favorite drink (usually java) and I feel as though I am visiting with friends, and learning from them as well.

So much knowledge .. and caring ..

It is a great place to exchange ideas..

Much continued success with your magazine,

Roe Tartaro

SunRose Aromatics, LLC

The Bronx, NY ;o)

I always wait with great eagerness to get my latest TEH magazine. It's fun and friendly with so much practical information for the casual gardener.

Patti Eder

Kenosha, WI

The Essential Herbal Magazine is a publication I eagerly await to devour.

There are so many wonderful people that contribute and spark new ideas in me. I often go back through my previous magazines looking for the perfect recipe, garden, or craft idea.

The Essential Herbal also shares excellent artisans that sell their wares, so that when I need an item, I know I can find someone who will provide the high quality I seek.

The passion and easy going nature make this magazine PERFECT for anyone with any love or curiousity about herbs. The only rule here is to enjoy~

Peace and Blessings

Kristena Roder

Dreamseeds Herb Center

The Essential Herbal Magazine and website are THE places to go for anything herbal. No matter if you're an oldie but a goodie, or a newbie, there is something here for you. Everything from recipes, to business advice, to pictures and identification of whatever that is growing up the side of your house.

The folks on the list are all wonderful and Tina is voracious about making sure we all keep it real and no spam or inappropriate things get into the forums. Everyone there is willing to share and you won't get a more diverse group anyplace else.

I highly recommend this be one of your herbal lists, publications and learning center if you are involved in herbs at all.

Karen Mallinger

All Goode Gifts, LLC

Negaunee, MI

....there is NOT another herb magazine that can hold a candle to The Essential Herbal whether printed or online. Many have tried and failed to match the personality of the magazine that only editor Tina Sams can bring to her readers. Written by herb enthusiasts, herbalists, growers, shopkeepers and gardeners from all over. The Essential Herbal Magazine is up to the minute, personable, quaint, news worthy and just darn good reading all rolled up in one. Six issues a year just isn't enough.

Michele Brown

Possum Creek Herb Farm

Soddy Daisy, TN

I wanted to say, Whoopeeee! My issue of The Essential Herbal for March/April arrived and I enjoyed all of it from cover to cover :-) I won't spoil it for those who are awaiting their issues ... for now, I'll say it was truly fascinating and pleasant reading material when I cozied up with some peppermint tea last night. I loved everything in this issue ... but then, I always enjoy taking my time and reading it from cover to cover (including the crossword puzzle).

Geri Burgert

Port Jefferson, NY

All I can say is WOW. This month's issue is just fabulous. Its nice to read a magazine that holds my interest from beginning to end...... I have a great summer ice tea recipe that I think your readers will enjoy. P.S. I don't think you can call this a newsletter anymore LOL.


Ridgecrest, CA

As an urban herbie, I cannot thank you enough for the Essential Herbal. It transports me immediately from the concrete jungle of New York City to the quintessential comforts of the natural world. Yesterday I was riding home on the subway, and I nearly sank into the gorgeous green pages of the latest EH. I tell you, Tina, I was practically salivating as I read the Cranberry Tea recipe, and I could actually smell the scented pinecones article! It was truly magical! I could not believe how excited I was getting over a bunch of recipes, but the candor of your writers - you included - makes reading The Essential Herbal a standout specialty. Keep it coming!

Laura Daniel

I'm really enjoying the magazine (my first edition). I've had to digest it in tiny bites (that darn time thing again!), so it's taken me a while to get to even the middle of it. But here's a great testimony on the magazine: I have gotten into the habit of dog-earing pages of magazines that have info which I want to remember and that I will want to refer to again later. I realized tonight that there isn't a single page yet that I haven't dog-eared! Great articles by all the authors. Very happy that I subscribed.

Marie Rice

By the way the mag is getting better and better--probably even better now that you can concentrate on YOUR business instead of working for others!! Congrats!!!

Green Maggie

Tina! The new issue is fabulous! You did a great job. I especially loved the list article, it has a lot of great ideas. Thanks,


1/06 ... I think it's your best one yet (of course I always say that). Seriously, for some reason this one hit the spot -- maybe because I could actually enjoy it more with the hustle and bustle of the holidays. You did a wonderful job with the Reader's Product Review. It think it is a great addition and look forward to the next one. Seemed like there were more recipes -- which I love!

Marsha B.

Thanks .... I was sure that my subscription expired, I am so glad to know that I will be getting one... what a terrific magazine... one of my faves!!!

Kelley B.

From an advertiser: I got enough orders from my last ad that it paid for itself several times over. (I kept meaning to send you a note and tell you this happy news, but alas...if only I did 1/2 the things I thought of doing...)

Barbara K.

Please renew my subscription to The Essential Herbal for a year. I love it! Thank you,


Kittredge, CO

Just picked up the newest Essential Herbal(s) at the post office. This looks like another wonderful issue - lots of good stuff to read about, think about, and try out. Many thanks for including us...


Mirror Lake, NH

What a fabulous surprise to arrive home from work yesterday and find the package from you in my mailbox. I was like a child at Christmas. Sitting down with The Essential Herbal issues and my favorite herbal tea, I felt as though I was replenishing my “grace book account” (reference to medical intuitive Caroline Myss and her book Anatomy of the Spirit). What an absolute treat!!....Thank you for your publication. It is marvelous!!


Littleton, CO

Wanted to let you know I really enjoy my subscription to The Essential Herbal. I look forward to getting it. Thank you, and keep up the good work.


Chapmansboro, TN

Please renew my subscription to The Essential Herbal. I would also like the Essential Herbal Booklets..... I really enjoy the Essential Herbal and read it from cover to cover. Thank you for putting out such a terrific publication.

Eva H.

Pittsburgh, PA

...don't want to miss an issue, I love your magazine. I look forward to it coming, actually it should be a monthly mag. instead of bi-monthly!!!!!!. Keep up the good work

Kaaren, NY

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this issue from cover to cover last night. Congratulations.

Sarah, LA

I can't wait to see your next newsletter. I tell ya, it's a great thing, and when I read the stories I am instantly transported into your world. Its great stuff. Keep writing!


Just a line or two to let you know how much I enjoyed my first issue of The Essential Herbal. Keep up the good work. I am looking forward to the next issue.

JoAnn, PA

The cartoon in the back really hit home for me! You go!

Sue, FL

I want to let you know how much I enjoy your newsletter. It is so full of ideas and makes me feel good just reading it. You should put it out every month so we don't have to wait so long.

Brynn, DE

...really enjoyed the latest issue, and the cover is great!

Theresa, PA

When I read the Field Notes about being in touch with the earth the woods and streams have just as many secrets to tell us, it brought back such wonderful memories of my hikes in the mountains over 20 years ago...

Sharon, MD

Actually when your last issue came I didn't even realize it was your issue...It had such a pretty flower cover on it and it was at the time all my seed catalogs were coming in I just piled it with the seed catalogs (thinking that's what it was and I'd look at them later)........So when I got your postcard I was surprised cause at that time, to my knowledge, I hadn't received any notice of being last issue....Of course, I zipped the payment off Saturday....and Sunday night decided to look at the pile of seed catalogs....Surprise, there was the Mar/Apr issue in the middle of it all and the little check on the back page for renewal. I read it from front to back and was so entertained at the Lucy and Ethel episode.....I had not realized it was all that...what a trip!

Shannon, OH