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Teapot with Infuser - Product Image

Teapot with Infuser

You'll love this little darling! 24 ounce capacity, the pot is glass with a removable stainless steel infuser. Comfortable stay-cool handle.
Price:   $9.00 

Scarborough Faire Tea Towels - Product Image

Scarborough Faire Tea Towels

Buttery yellow 100% cotton tea towels with"Parsley," "Sage," "Rosemary," or "Thyme" embroidered in forest green.  You may choose one, or get the whole set.
Price:   $0.00 

Licorice Spice Tea - Product Image

Licorice Spice Tea

If you enjoy black licorice, you will love this tea. There's no question. Licorice lovers unite over this cup! In our house, licorice root is the remedy of choice for a scratchy throat, and this tea is full of it. Blended with cinnamon chips, orange peel, rooibos tea, cardamom, anise seed, and clove, it's good for what ails ya, and tastes wonderful. Good any time! 1 oz.
Price:   $3.75 

Rowdy Rooibos Tea - Product Image

Rowdy Rooibos Tea

Rooibos boring? Not in our blends - and especially this one. A bright and bold mix of rooibos, cinnamon, cardamom, Brazil pepper, cloves, orange peel and flavoring that you'll love! 1 ounce
Price:   $3.75 

Orange Spice - Product Image

Orange Spice

The quintessential Autumn and Winter tea. Black tea blended with orange peel, cinnamon, and clove. Classic and delicious. 1 ounce
Price:   $3.75 

Chai Spice Blend - Product Image

Chai Spice Blend

Rich and tempting, the spices that make up Chai are all but addictive. Take that as a warning :-). Black tea is blended with cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, cloves and black pepper. Instructions for brewing are included. 2 oz.
Price:   $6.50 

Black Currant Tea - Product Image

Black Currant Tea

Black tea blended with black currant leaves and natural flavoring makes a rich, fruity pick-me-up. 1 oz.
Price:   $3.75 

Nectar of the Goddess - Product Image

Nectar of the Goddess

Glorious black tea blend with rosehips, orange peel, and cinnamon chips, flavored with apricot, mango, and black currant. Delicious and fragrant, the perfect pick-me-up in the afternoon or to start out a really good day. 1 ounce.
Price:   $3.75 

Honeybush Tea - Product Image

Honeybush Tea

Honeybush is great hot or iced, and a small amount of honey brings out the warm apricot jam-like flavor. A delicious caffeine free alternative, high in anti-oxidants. Experience it yourself. 1 oz.
Price:   $3.75 

Tropical Retreat - Product Image

Tropical Retreat

Close your eyes, take a sip, and imagine the waves rippling over your toes. Tropical fruit flavorings enhance this black tea, blended with cornflower, rose petals, and calendula. 1 ounce.
Price:   $3.75 

Forever Fruit Herb Tea - Product Image

Forever Fruit Herb Tea

This tea is summer sunshine in a cup! Rose hips, lemongrass, hibiscus, peppermint, and orange peel swirl together, making a refreshing, delicious brew. 1 oz.
Price:   $3.00 

Cuppa Happy Tea - Product Image

Cuppa Happy Tea

We blended this specifically to bring cheer, hence the name. I love to brew it up when the gray clouds begin to loom overhead; this tea scares them off with a bright cheerful flavor. Holy basil, rose petals, lemon verbena, and elderberries were home-grown, harvested, and blended right here on the farm. 1 oz
Price:   $5.00 

Sunset Serenade Blend - Product Image

Sunset Serenade Blend

Light and fragrant blend of white tea, elderflowers, hibiscus, spearmint, and cornflowers is as beautiful to look at as it is delightful on the palate. Iced or hot, you'll love it either way. 1 ounce
Price:   $4.50 

Green Quince Tea - Product Image

Green Quince Tea

Beautiful loose tea, Sencha green with corn flower petals and mallow flowers, drizzled with a fragrant quince flavoring. Unusual! 1 oz.
Price:   $3.75 

Green Pomegranate Tea - Product Image

Green Pomegranate Tea

Scrumptious and fragrant, Sencha green tea and rose petals with pomegranate flavoring. 1 oz.
Price:   $3.75 

Mint Medley Mania - Product Image

Mint Medley Mania

Delightful blend of chocolate mint, spearmint, and apple mint. Hand grown, harvested, and blended. One ounce.
Price:   $5.00 

Relax and Sleep Tea - Product Image

Relax and Sleep Tea

Ingredients chamomile, lemon balm, rose, valerian, oat seed, passionflower, and lavender combine to usher in the sandman. Nearly all of the ingredients are grown, harvested, dried and blended here on the farm. Tastes delicious too. One ounce.
Price:   $5.00 

Under the Sun Tea Blend - Product Image

Under the Sun Tea Blend

We put this luscious blend together for enjoyment in the warmth of spring and summer, to go along with our book, "Under the Sun". A deep ruby rich brew that hits the spot hot or cold, it is filled with fruits and herbs, and just enough black tea to give a little lift after a long day in the garden. Great brewed as a sun tea, too. It is delicious! Contains: black tea, rose hips, orange peel, cinnamon chips, rose petals, maqui berries, hibiscus, freeze dried raspberries, freeze dried blueberry, stevia, and apricot, mango, and black currant flavoring. 1 ounce.
Price:   $4.25 

Black Vanilla

Black tea mellowed with vanilla. 1 ounce
Price:   $3.75 

Hibiscus Elixir - Product Image

Hibiscus Elixir

Add a tropical twist to your favorite tea, cocktail, soda, or frozen concoction with this luscious elixir. Made from pure can sugar, purified water, organic hand-pressed hibiscus juice, cranberry extract, and citric acid. 2 ounce bottle
Price:   $6.50