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Deodorant - Lavender and Lemongrass - Product Image

Deodorant - Lavender and Lemongrass

Brand new.  Molly's been working on these for a while, testing and trialing them, adding to and taking away until they were just right.
3 hefty ounces last a long time.

Ingredients:  Cocoa Butter, Beeswax, Coconut Oil, Baking Soda, Arrowroot, Sweet Almond Oil, Lavender eo, Lemongrass eo.

Price:   $9.00 

Deodorant - Lavender and Tea Tree - Product Image

Deodorant - Lavender and Tea Tree

Oh Natural! 3 ounces of natural ingredients in a turn-up tube. Essential oils of Lavender and Tea Tree help keep scents at bay while having their own fresh and clean fragrance.

3 ounces

Ingredients:  Cocoa butter, beeswax, coconut oil, baking soda, arrowroot, sweet almond oil, lavender and tea tree essential oils.

Price:   $9.00 

Deodorant - Sage & Cedar - Product Image

Deodorant - Sage & Cedar

OH! NATURAL Lightly scented, fresh and clean. 3 ounces. Ingredients: Cocoa Butter, Beeswax, Coconut Oil, Baking Soda, Arrowroot, Sweet Almond Oil, Sage eo, Cedarwood eo.
Price:   $9.00 

Lavender Body Powder - Product Image

Lavender Body Powder

Delightfully fragrant powder made with arrowroot, cornstarch, rice flour, kaolin clay, powdered lavender, and lavender essential oil. Silky and soothing - no talc.
Shake a little on and be transported to the fields of Provence!

2.5 ounce by weight
shaker top

Price:   $7.95 

Strawberry Fields Mask - Product Image

Strawberry Fields Mask

Fresh, natural ingredients: Strawberry powder, Kaolin clay, Coconut Milk powder, and Honey powder
Enough for 4 to 6 treatments using a liquid of your choice to blend.  Hydrosols, milks, teas, yogurt...all will give you a different experience, depending on what you'd like.  

Price:   $5.00 

Chocolate Covered Banana Mask - Product Image

Chocolate Covered Banana Mask

Nourish your skin with this fun mask!
Banana powder, Kaolin clay, Coconut milk, Honey, and Cocoa combine to form a luscious, skin-loving treat for your face.

Enough for 4 to 6 treatments that you will love.

Price:   $5.00 

Skellington's Reserve Pumpkin Masque - Product Image

Skellington's Reserve Pumpkin Masque

Luscious and rich, this moisture laden masque is DEluxe!
Pumpkin powder, Kaolin clay, Coconut milk powder, Honey powder, and a pinch of Cardamom form the base to which you will add cream, yogurt, or some fruit (or pumpkin!) puree to pamper that sweet face!
Enough for 4 to 6 masques.

Price:   $5.00 

Ache Away Salve - Product Image

Ache Away Salve

A combination of menthol, cayenne, St John's wort, cottonwood buds, and arnica infused in olive oil and jojoba is mixed with the essential oils of ginger, eucalyptus, lemon, black pepper and cedar.  Everything is brought together in a surprisingly pleasant smelling salve with beeswax.
2 ounce jar.

Price:   $10.00 

Black & Blue Ointment - Product Image

Black & Blue Ointment

We infuse arnica into a combination of oils, including apricot kernal, avocado, jojoba, and vitamin E. Essential oils of peppermint, lavender, and black pepper are added, and finally mango butter and beeswax go in to firm it up.
Price:   $10.00 

5 Star Herbal Salve - Product Image

5 Star Herbal Salve

Rich olive oil infused with Calendula, Comfrey, Chickweed, Jewelweed, and Plantain with a dash of Lavender essential oil from lavender grown and distilled here on the farm. All of the plants are grown and harvested here as well. Thickened with beeswax, this is a great all-purpose salve to have on hand (or arms, legs, knees...). 2 ounce wide-mouthed jar.
Price:   $10.00 

Miss Molly's Black Drawing Salve - Product Image

Miss Molly's Black Drawing Salve

Hand harvested plantain and calendula, carefully infused in rich olive and castor oils, and combined with kaolin clay, activated charcoal, beeswax, and tea tree essential oil. 2 ounces
Price:   $9.95 

Herbal Tinctures - Product Image

Herbal Tinctures

Just the ones we use the most made using the folk method. 100 proof vodka is used as the menstruum. All homegrown or wild-crafted (except ginger and turmeric, which we purchase from a local organic grower) and made with fresh herbs, roots, barks, and fruit. You'll find many to choose from in the drop down menu. One or two ounce bottles.

Please note that we may not offer any guidance to the purpose of these tinctures.  It is against the law, but over the years we've found that people looking for a remedy have done research and know more about what their specific problem is than we could ever hope to learn.

Price:   $0.00 
tinctured herb  

Mugwort Mist Liquid Smudge - Product Image

Mugwort Mist Liquid Smudge

Harvested and distilled on the full moon, this liquid spray smudge will always be available in limited quantities. Used to clear and prepare space when burning is not an option. This is a mildly scented hydrosol in spite of the distillation expressing beautiful deep blue essential oil that was added back into the hydrosol. A small amount of alcohol is added as a preservative. Available in 1 ounce, 2 ounce, or the small 5 ml pocket smudge size.
Price:   $0.00 
Quantity Available:  1

Relax and Refresh Bath Salts - Product Image

Relax and Refresh Bath Salts

Ready for some R & R? Run a bath and add some of this blend for a tub full of relaxation with sea salt and epson salts (magnesium) to soothe those weary muscles. The scent is a blend of lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus, and rosemary so it's also a great blend for stuffy heads as well as sore muscles. Feels great on wind or sun burn too.
Price:   $0.00 

La Vie en Rose Bath Salt - Product Image

La Vie en Rose Bath Salt

A decadent blend of rose geranium and lemon in a base of sea salt, pink Himilayan salt, and epsom salt combine to create this dreamy bath. You're just a short soak away from pure bliss!
Price:   $0.00 

Solid Perfume Lotion Bars - Product Image

Solid Perfume Lotion Bars

These little gems are handy to keep around or take along in purse or luggage. Only 1/3 ounce, they last forever! The lavender uses pure essential oil, the Amber is made with sweet resin, while the apricot freesia, and blackberry sage are just mouthwateringly delicious scents.
Price:   $4.50 

Stop the World Elixir - Product Image

Stop the World Elixir


A mixture of cheerful blue borage flowers, blooming motherwort, albizia flowers and inner bark, holy basil, and a kiss of honey in 100 proof alcohol, it can be dropped into a cup of tea or used alone. 

2 ounce dropper bottle


Price:   $20.00 

Joie de Vivre Elixir - Product Image

Joie de Vivre Elixir

We've made this for several years for our own use and as gifts, and have many requests to make it available, so here it is! Joie de Vivre Elixir is made from raw, organic honey infused with lavender and mint, holy basil, mimosa, elderberries, rose petals, and fresh lemon blossoms, steeped together with 100 proof vodka.
Price:   $0.00 

Hot & Sweet Ginger Elixir - Product Image

Hot & Sweet Ginger Elixir

Ginger, cinnamon, lemon, and star anise infused in honey and vodka to kick up the heat on any tea or infusion. Delicious! 2 ounce dropper bottle.
Price:   $15.00 

Firesider Elixir - Product Image

Firesider Elixir

Apple cider vinegar and sweet Lancaster Co. honey infused with garlic, onion, horseradish, cayenne, reishi, lemon, and turmeric. 2 ounce dropper bottle or 8.45 ounce bottle.
Price:   $0.00