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Incense and Herb Bead supplies do not ship outside the U.S.
Making Your Own Incense - Product Image

Making Your Own Incense

by Tina Sams and Maryanne Schwartz. We wrote this one back in '99 for Storey Publications. Everything you need to know to start out making incense. Great little 32-pager.
Price:   $3.95 

Herb Beads - how to and recipes - Product Image

Herb Beads - how to and recipes

Short booklet (20 pages of text) with easy to follow instructions for making beads out of botanicals. Step-by-step photos and several different recipes to try. Information gleaned from years of giving classes on bead-making. Small but mighty! Color cover, saddle-stitched.
Price:   $4.95 

Botanical Bead Powders - Product Image

Botanical Bead Powders

We've taken some of the best, most fragrant herbs and spices and made pre-mixed powders for you to make into beads. All you need to do is add a liquid - water, wine, hydrosols ... form into beads, and string on sturdy wire to dry. Mix and match for interesting pieces. Approx. 1/8 cup per tube.
Price:   $5.95 

Gum Tragacanth

Astragalus gumifer used as a bonding agent in handmade incense and herbal beads. 1/8 tsp. to 1 ounce of warm water forms a great "glue" for these projects.
Price:   $0.00 

Salt Petre - 1 ounce

Added to incense blends to make them self-igniting. Used in a proportion of 1 to 10 by weight (10 parts of a combination resins, botanicals, and woods - see our book, Making Your Own Incense).
Price:   $2.00 

Myrrh - 1 ounce

Commiphora myrrha - a reddish brown resin with a deep, dark, haunting scent. Often combined with other resins, particularly frankincense.
Price:   $3.00 

Frankincense tears - 1 ounce

Boswellia carteri produces the bright sunny smelling sap known as frankincense.
Price:   $3.00 

Copal - 1 ounce

Hymenaea courbaril Mayans considered copal food for the gods and used it during worship ceremonies. This grade is a pale yellow. High, thin and piney scent with a fuller woodsy background.
Price:   $4.00 

Orris Root Powder - 1 ounce

Orris Root is used to help fix scents in items like potpourri, incense, and beads.
Price:   $3.00 

Makko incense powder

Used in incense making, makko helps with smooth burning and also as a binder. 1 ounce
Price:   $4.00 

yellow sandalwood powder - 1 ounce

This deliciously fragrant wood powder smells exactly like the sandalwood essential oil that comes from it. The premier basis for handmade incense, precious and rare.
Price:   $7.00 

red santal powder - 1 ounce

Often used as a base for handmade incense, the rich red color is also used to dye fabrics and as a colorant in soap making.
Price:   $6.00 

pinon resin - 1 ounce

Deep forest scent, this resin is moist and fresh.
Price:   $4.50