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Incense and Herb Bead supplies do not ship outside the U.S.
Tibetan Rope Incense - Healing - Product Image

Tibetan Rope Incense - Healing

20 Ropes of Himalayan Rope incense, includes an incense burner! The scent is spicy and floral. Very nice.
Price:   $4.50 

Tibetan Rope Incense - Juniper - Product Image

Tibetan Rope Incense - Juniper

Himalayan rope twists (20) and an incense burner. Clear, refreshing, and woodsy.
Price:   $4.50 

Tibetan Rope Incense - Herbal - Product Image

Tibetan Rope Incense - Herbal

Package of 20 Himalayan rope twists, with a burner included. Refreshing and cooling - all natural ingredients.
Price:   $4.50 

Smudge Sticks - small - Product Image

Smudge Sticks - small

About 5" long, thick, dense white sage wands. Clear the air!
Price:   $3.95 

Our Hand-Blended Incenses - Product Image

Our Hand-Blended Incenses

Luna: Powdered blend of yellow sandalwood, benzoin resin, rose geranium, lemon verbena and cardamom is so delightful that I want to wear the scent.  Perfect burned in the moonlight!

Sun God: Warm, sunny ingredients like frankincense, cinnamon, orange, calendula, rose, rosemary, mint, lavender, sandalwood, dragon's blood, and blood orange essential oil.  Like sitting on a pinnacle with your face to the sun!

Come See Me:  With a nod to Scott Cunningham's oil by this name, this loose blend combines patchouli and cinnamon, but we turn it up with myrrh, rose petals, and violets.  Spicy and lush, full of longing and romance.

Wide Open Spaces:  White sage, lavender and copal will clear your thoughts like a long walk in nature and make your home feel clear and open.

Fast Money: Cinnamon, basil, and benzoin.  We first made this on a very slow day at our old shop.  By the time we'd finished stirring (not even lit!) the shop filled up.

Meant to be burned on specially made charcoal disks in an area with good circulation.

A bit over 1 ounce by volume

Price:   $5.00 

Amber Wood Stick incense - Product Image

Amber Wood Stick incense

25 gram package, about 20 sticks. Sweet, warm, delightful scent. Amber is a favorite around here.
Price:   $5.95 

Palo Santo stick incense - Product Image

Palo Santo stick incense

This is a stunningly beautiful incense, but in all honesty, I can just barely detect how they might have waved the Palo Santo over the mixing bowl. Marketing... It is a really wonderful and fragrant incense. I'd call it something like Woodland Mysts or Decadence...
Price:   $4.00 

White Sage stick incense - Product Image

White Sage stick incense

There is no way this incense has anything even remotely in common with white sage other than the packaging. I was sad to see that BUT it is clean, "airy" and unique, with a very light masculine note. It is very popular when people can get a whiff of it! 15 grams - 14 sticks.
Price:   $4.00 

White Sage Liquid Smudge - Product Image

White Sage Liquid Smudge

We grow and distill some lovely White Sage (Salvia apiana). The resulting hydrosol is perfect for clearing the air and bringing a more peaceful sense when burning incense is not an option. We have 1 and 2 ounce spray bottles of "Liquid Smudge", or handy 5 ml spray bottles of "Pocket Smudge" that can go along wherever you go.

Note: we add a tiny bit of alcohol to extend shelf life.

Price:   $0.00 

Wooden Incense Burner - Product Image

Wooden Incense Burner

Plain wooden burner for sticks. Slanted hole holds stick at an angle to the burner so that the ashes are caught on the wood rather than everywhere else.
Price:   $2.00 

Charcoal for Incense - Product Image

Charcoal for Incense

These self-igniting charcoal disks are great for burning resins and loose incense blends. 10 disks to a package, they last nearly an hour each. Note: Because of their shape/size, shipping charges are high - so it's best to order them along with some resins or maybe you need a brass screen incense burner!
Price:   $3.75 

Brass Screen Incense Burner  - Product Image

Brass Screen Incense Burner

If you burn resins or loose incense blends on charcoal, this is THE burner to have. The screen holds the charcoal, and there is a separate wooden base to help diffuse the heat to protect furniture. 3" diameter.
Price:   $8.00 

Palo Santo sticks - Product Image

Palo Santo sticks

Wooden sticks of Palo Santo (Bursera graveolens). As close to an ounce in weight as I can get - but always over. The wood itself is so fragrant that it can be used to scent a room without even lighting it, but set a match to the wood, and the air is filled with a sweet and somehow familiar light smoke. We burn a small amount, allow it to extinguish, and use one stick over and over again.
Price:   $5.00 

Incense Cones - AMBER - Product Image

Incense Cones - AMBER

10 perfect, sweet smelling incense cones and a small metal disk for burning.
Price:   $3.00 

Incense Cones - ATTRACTS MONEY - Product Image

Incense Cones - ATTRACTS MONEY

10 fragrant incense cones to help you focus on what you want. No promises, but either way they smell great and fresh.
Price:   $3.00 

Incense Cones - DRAGON'S BLOOD - Product Image

Incense Cones - DRAGON'S BLOOD

Delightful, long-lasting Dragon's Blood scented incense cones. 10 in a pack. Also comes with metal disk on which to burn cones.
Price:   $3.00 

Incense Cones - GOOD FORTUNE - Product Image

Incense Cones - GOOD FORTUNE

Burn a cone and invite good luck to enter your house. Focus on what you'd like while the fragrant incense smoke twirls around the home. 10 cones and a metal disk burner.
Price:   $3.00 

Incense Cones - PATCHOULI - Product Image

Incense Cones - PATCHOULI

We've found over the years that either you love patchouli, or you don't. This incense seems to be a good middle ground, softened so that everyone can enjoy it. 10 cones and a metal burning disk.
Price:   $3.00 

Panchvati Dhoop Incense - Product Image

Panchvati Dhoop Incense

Ten 5" sticks per box. These dhoop sticks burn for about 20 minutes (depending on breezes, etc.) and are a rich blend of exotic floral and mysterious resins. A new favorite around here. The box is a built-in burner, with a rivet that the dhoop fits right into.
Price:   $1.50 

Padmini Dhoop Incense - Product Image

Padmini Dhoop Incense

Sweet, floral scent is one of my favorites. The sticks are mini's - only 2.5" with 10 sticks per package. Each box has a rivet on the top that functions as an incense holder while it burns. I ran across these in an ashram's gift shop a decade ago and have never been without a few boxes ever since.
Price:   $1.00