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May/June '17   - Product Image

May/June '17

Field Notes from the Editor, Tina Sams Some rare travels. About the Cover - Barbara Steele's beautiful green woman
Seed Paper, Janet Gutierrez Take papermaking to the next step! The Little Onion that Could, Rita Richardson Shallots are so versatile. Recipes for vinegar or oil.
Growing with Kathy, Propagation Part II, Kathy Musser Propagation using division, layering, and root cuttings Nettles for Nourishment, Kristine Brown This brilliant plant can be be an ally in so many ways!
Branding - Brand Personality Wheel, Angela M. Dellutri Have you considered what your brand personality is? Make Time for Thyme, Jackie Johnson Though she be but little, she is fierce! Thyme is small but mighty.
5 Innovative Ways to Use Herbs Around the House, Marcy Lautanen-Raleigh Ideas, recipes, and inspiration to put those herbs to good use. Natural Perfumes, Crystal Baldwin Have you been wanting to try making your own perfume? This will help.
Ginger Citrus Soap, Marci Tsohonis I can't wait to make this one. Spicy AND citrus! What more could you want? Mistake Becomes Best Seller, Sandy Michelsen Every good herbalist eventually "stumbles" on a favorite mistake.
Use Your Spice Cabinet as Your Medicine Cabinet, Susanna Reppert-Brill These everyday spices will come in handy, if you just know when to use them. List Article - Wild Foods All those wild edible plants outside! Try some of these recipes offered by the Yahoo list and the facebook page readers.
Pottage, Miranda Hoodenpyl A simple country supper.

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March April '17 - Product Image

March April '17

Field Notes from the Editor, Tina Sams Before we get too busy planting, read about the new things happening with TEH. About the Cover Debra Sturdevant is the artist of this issue's cover.
A Peach of an Herb, Kristine Brown Did you know that peaches offer us good medicine in addition to deliciousness? You will. Cheese Cookies with Herbs, Rita Richardson Elegant, tasty, and oh so versatile nibble.
Delights of Travel, Maryanne Schwartz Can any of us visit a new part of the country (or world) and not be enchanted by the flora? Making Your Own Deodorant, Marcy Lautanen-Raleigh We've already made and fallen in love with this recipe.
Growing with Kathy, Propagation, Kathy Musser It's time to get those seeds started. List Article, That ONE Herb What would you choose if you could only have one?
Plant a Rainbow in Your Herb Garden, Julia Scheid We often overlook beauty when planting our medicinal gardens. Sage - Beyond Turkey, Jackie Johnson Read this, and you'll need more than one plant and several varieties!
Salt Dough - Not Just for Christmas, Cathy Calfchild A craft that can be used year round. Graceful Solomon's Seal, Ruth Davis This beautiful woodland plant is well worth encouraging and propagating for its healing properties.
Louisiana Lagniappe, Easiest Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies, Sarah Liberta Who doesn't need a quick and easy go-to recipe to wow guests? The Beginning, Angela M. Dellutri We all have some story of how we were led to herbs. This is Angela's.
Chives, Sandy Michelsen If you're not growing herbs now, you'll want some of these useful, carefree, and cheerful allium. Urban Gardening, Molly Sams Sometimes the best intentions just aren't enough - but there's always next year.
Carmelite Water, Susanna Reppert Brill Try this traditional, historical recipe using the herb of the year!

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January February '17 - Product Image

January February '17

Field Notes, Tina Sams 15 years and still loving herbs and herbies! Find out what we're up to next. Arnica, Carol Ann Harlos Just enough about this weed to make you want to know more!
Croutons with Zip, Rita Richardson Make them as good as those delicious bits you pay dearly for. Bringing Rye Whiskey Back to Lancaster, Molly Sams Come along while Molly checks out some really big stills.
Cordials - Just for Fun! Jackie Johnson There are a lot of reasons to make cordials, and the enjoyment and flavor should be two of the first considerations. Kudos to Kelp, Kristine Brown Learn about this delicious, nutritious weed of the ocean.
Retrospective, Various Over the past 15 winters, we've had some wonderful articles, so we took a sampling from each Jan/Feb issue! PMS Salt Soap, Marci Tsohonis Only Marci could blend PMS and Valentine's Day and make it work!
2017 Herb of the Year - Coriandrum sativum, Susanna Reppert-Brill A primer on the HOTY with a couple great recipes, too! Cilantro Salsa, Catherine Love Something a little different...
February Second - Not Just for Groundhogs, Marcy Lautanen-Raleigh Candlemas lore for the curious. Growing with Kathy, Kathy Musser Have you seen me write about our friendly neighborhood herb farmer? Well, meet Kathy! She's agreed to do some articles on growing for the magazine.

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November December '16 - Product Image

November December '16

Field Notes from the Editor, Thinking about Intellectual Property in New Millennium About the Cover, Carey Jung A wintry love song to water in the midst of the struggles for clean water in North Dakota
Sending Herbal Help, Tina Sams How exactly can we be of the most assistance with limited funds, when calls for help are becoming so frequent? Herby Pasta Comfort, Rita Richardson In the deep of winter, rich gooey old fashioned macaroni and cheese can sure hit the spot.
Cannabis, Rochelle Baca Legal in several states, it is time for the discussion of this valued medicinal plant to begin in earnest, out in broad daylight. A Newbie Herbie, Chelsea Nasatka The tale of finding one's newly born inner herbie on a trip to a woman's herbal gathering...
Exploring Herbal Preparations (Pao Zhi) in TCM, Daniel Cashman Each different means of preparing a medicine gives it a different name. This article helps demystify these processes. Nature Ornaments, Janet Gutierrez Using the beauty of nature to decorate for the holidays.
Essential Oil Primer Crossword Puzzle, Marge Clark A fun way to learn a LOT. Puzzles provide a ton of information in a relatively small space. I love this one. Herbalist Gift Giving Guide, Jackie Johnson You'll find over 15 fabulous ideas and recipes in this article. Something for everyone!
Seasonal Benefits of Pine, Marcy Lautanen-Raleigh Pleasant uses for pine and various conifers we associate with the season. Several great recipes/instructions. White Pine, Dr JoAnn Quattrone Ode to this medicine tree.
Three Kings Soap, Marci Tsohonis Mmmmm... a deluxe soap scented with a blend of essential oils you'll love. Bonus soap ball instruction. Sensational Cinnamon, Kristine Brown There's a lot more to cinnamon than a little sprinkle over your latte. Recipes included for Cinnamon Cocoa and Cinnamon Rose Elixir!
The Role of the Carrier in Aromatherapy, Lisa Marie Layman Carrier are the unsung work horses in aromatherapy. Learn how 6 popular carrier oils work, and when they are best used. Giving the Gift of Relaxation, Debra Sturdevant Have you wanted to try making bath fizzies? Debra gives complete instructions and a great recipe!

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September October 2016

Field Notes from the Editor, Life on the Hill Elderberry, Dr. JoAnn Quattrone, How many ways can you love elderberries?
Seeds & Stars - A Healing Path, Susan Hess, The seasons and rhythms of herbs are part of us. Pumpkin Spice Soap, Janet Gutierrez, Make this luscious fall soap!
How About Hops? Rebekah Bailey, You aren't going to believe what she's been doing with hops. Make Ahead Holiday Libations, Rita Richardson, Mmmm... 5 deliciously different recipes to get started on right now.
Vive la Stinking Rose, Marci Tsohonis, How to select varieties, grow, harvest, and store garlic with a bonus recipe. Redeeming Ragweed, Kristine Brown, Can ragweed find redemption? Is it looking? The answer lies within these pages.
Anti-Inflammatory Diet, Jackie Johnson, Foods can help or hurt. Learn how to eat for less inflammation. Some inspiring recipes included. Fall Memories of Country Pickles, Debra Sturdevant, Mom's Icicle Pickles
Horsetail: Plants as Old as Time, Molly Sams, Why have we used this plant for so long, in so many ways? Distilling Herbs, Tina Sams, Ever wonder how essential oils are made?
"Strange" Soups, Maryanne Schwartz, A couple delicious, warming soups to welcome the cold weather. Compost Tea, Marcy Lautanen-Raleigh, Nourish those plants with a drink.
Bay Leaf Wreath, Susanna Reppert-Brill, A fun project for holiday home decor.

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July/Aug 2016 - Product Image

July/Aug 2016

Field Notes Days of future past, or always trying to put ourselves a few months ahead. An' May It Harm None, Lisa Marie Layman What the heck is going on in the essential oil industry these days and how do we learn what we need to know?
Crudites Parisienne, Rita Richardson A light summer dish. Things to Do with Dandelions, Sandy Michelsen Salve, jelly and fritters from the lowly but oh-so-valuable dandelion.
Pied Piper Picked... Tina Sams All around us there are tea ingredients! Rose Petal Panna Cotta, Melanie Underwood Delicious, creamy, and flavored with roses.
Echinacea, The Immune Enhancer, Joe Smulevitz What's the latest word on echinacea? Herbies had it right all along. A Forest Visit, Debra Sturdevant The cool northern woods are still full of wildflowers.
Interview with Marlene Adelman, Molly Sams The person behind the Herbal Academy. Sunny St John's Wort, Kristine Brown All about this sunny and unassuming plant
Crossword Puzzle - Cayenne, Tina Sams How much do you know about peppers. Cucumber Mint Soap, Marci Tsohonis Summer in a soap bar
Just Lemon Balm, Molly Sams Molly's take on one of her favorite herbs Music as Medicine, Chloe Smith Using music to heal
Scrubs of Summer, Tina Sams & Maryanne Schwartz Lots of ways to incorporate herbs and flowers to soothe and smooth summer skin. Lovage, The Nearly Forgotten Herb, Jackie Johnson There are many wonderful uses for this big, glorious herb!
Cover by Carey Adler Jung

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May/June 2016 issue - Product Image

May/June 2016 issue

Field Notes Big, beautiful changes here at TEH. About the Cover Carey's inspiration, along with some info on the other original artwork in the magazine.
Misophonia & Me: Dealing with Misophonia Using Herbs, Molly Sams Do the sounds other people make (breathing, chewing, humming, etc.) drive you batty? This is for you. Shenk's Ferry or is that Fairy? Maryanne Schwartz A glimpse of one of PA's most diverse wildflower preserves.
Sweet Woodruff, Rita Richardson Pretty enough to grow just for looks, there are many other reasons. Holistic Stress Relief, Jackie Johnson Tons of de-stressors that can be used by just about everyone.
Eleuthero:The Idea Adaptogen, Joe Smulevitz Siberian Ginseng has been more thoroughly tested than any other adaptogen - and earns an A. No Bake Strawberry Basil Cheescake, Melanie Underwood Serve up some summertime with delight!
Herbs for Grief, Suzan Tobias Scholl No two people will experience grief the same way, but there are herbal helpers for all of us. Burdock, Not Just a Weed, Carol Ann Harlos Have you tried Gobo? That's just one of the names from around the world that this root vegetable goes by.
21 Days to A Tea Habit, Marcy Lautanen-Raleigh You will find something here to like! Plentiful Plantain, Kristine Brown This generous plant is just about knocking at my door! We will take that as an invitation to invite him in and put on the kettle.
The Spiral Herb Garden, Debra Sturdevant Great illustrated instructions for building this garden. Garden Grit, Marci Tsohonis Spring hands show signs of their time in the garden. This soap can help.
How to Identify, Harvest, Prepare & Use Usnea, Morgan Visser Tincture...tea...powder...oil...? You're going to be lichen this! Wildcrafting & Processing Herbs, Sandy Michelsen Some tips and timely advice.

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March/April 2016 Issue - Product Image

March/April 2016 Issue

Field Notes, Tina Sams Making lemonade from lemons, or movin' on down. In the Liminal, Adrie Lester Poetry.
Clingy Cleavers, Kristine Brown Learn all about this early spring helper. Herb Notes from 1000 Foods, Rita Richardson Book review.
Simmering Spices, Maryanne Schwartz A recipe to cleanse the air. Relief from Restless Leg Syndrome, Liz Fulcher Several great remedies to help put an end to that creepy crawly feeling.
Floriography, The Silent Language of Flowers, Debra Sturdevant Communication was accomplished without uttering a word. Here's how...
The Healing Power within Turmeric: Curcumin, Joe Smulevitz This amazing spice has so much to offer us. It can address a great variety of ailments, and it complements so many dishes, too.
Crossword Puzzle, Cayenne A little fun with the herb of the year.
Mountain Mint: Notable Native 2016, Molly Sams One of our favorite plants for pollinators here in our garden.
Colonial Gardens, Jackie Johnson Not so long ago, these gardens made the difference between a hard winter, and a terribly hard winter.
Native American Plant, Labrador Tea, Marcy Lautanen Raleigh Read about this folk medicine also known as "Indian Tea."
What Your Liver Needs, Suzan Tobias Scholl What are the best ways to help keep this very vital organ... well... vital?
Figgie-Oat Honey Soap, Marci Tsohonis Another spectacular and unusual soap recipe from Marci.
Violets: Jewels of the Field, Elisha Goulet It's almost time to spend a few hours on the ground picking violets. Find out why you'll want to take part in this spring tradition.
Using Herbs in Self Care, Molly Sams We so often forget how to slow down and relax, but with a few herbal preparations, it can be much easier.
Rosemary, Because I Remember! Tina Sams This versatile tender perennial has long been a part of herbal legends.
It All Starts with the Harvest, Susanna Reppert-Brill A chart showing tea from harvest to cup, and how it got there.

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November/December '15 - Product Image

November/December '15

Field Notes, Tina Sams As the seasons change, we prepare to begin our 15th year! Carey's cover - perfectly captures the sights and scents of the season.
The Lazy Composter, Sue Kusch Down to earth instructions that anyone with a little plot of land can use. American Ginseng, Jackie Johnson The ethics of cultivated and wild growing as well as the history challenges of growing ginseng as a crop.
Gift Idea - Mug Mat, Tina Sams Share the scents of the season with friends. Herbs for Holiday Stress Relief, Catherine Love Lots of options to help you cope with the pressures that can arise.
Holiday Sweets w/ Exotic Herbs, Marcy Lautanen-Raleigh Ginger shortbread and a spectacular citrus dessert sure to delight family and holiday visitors. Fall in Love with Hydrosols, Part 2, Liz Fulcher Hydrosols are becoming more available, so good information on their uses is great to have!
Putting Together a Gift Basket, Tina Sams It looks so simple, but there are a few tricks to putting together a visually attractive presentation. Perfectly Pine, Kristine Brown Pine needles and resin have many medicinal, culinary, and even handy household uses. You won't look at one in the same way again.
Urine for It (You're in for It), Suzan Tobias Scholl We rarely think of our urinary system until there's a problem. There are many ways we can care for it to keep it up and running. Holiday Sugar & Spice Soap & Scrubs, Marci Tsohonis Beautiful ideas for gift giving or to brighten up the guest bathroom.
The Herb Taste War: Cilantro vs. Ivory Soap, Rita Richardson We have this battle on the farm, with half of us loving it and half of us unable to bear it Gift Idea - Solid Perfume, Maryanne Schwartz Last minute idea (if need be). Make them today, share them tomorrow.
Enjoying Your Christmas Tree, Sandy Michelsen Recipes for salve and syrup, and more history and lore. Last Words After S.P., Adrie Lester Gardening while grieving.
Artwork by Debra Sturdevant Cover Art by Carey Jung

Price:   $4.95 

September/October '15 - Product Image

September/October '15

Field Notes It seems that the only constant is change. All Hallow's Eve! Molly Sams Some spooky plant lore for herbies.
The Nuances of New England Aster, Kristine Brown That beautiful purple in autumn needs to come inside with you. Find out why. 25 Herb To-Dos for Fall, Rita Richardson Simple ideas to celebrate the season.
Dream Pillows, Jackie Johnson Complete instructions and information for beautiful (or utilitarian) pillows to improve sleep and dreams. Goldenrod, Tina Sams This glowing weed has much healing to offer.
In Hot Pursuit of Peppers, Int'l Herb Association A preview of the 2016 Herb of the Year. Such powerful little peppers. The Wild Rose, Sandy Michelsen Have you carefully dried wild rose petals? Here are some things to do with them.
Harvest Time, Perfect for Tea Time! Cathy Calf Child Teas from your yard or from halfway around the globe - something new for everyone! Autumn Projects for the Still Room, Catherine Love 5 great projects to make now.
Savon di Alep, Marci Tsohonis Make world famous soap in your own home. How's that for spectacular? Take a Breather, Suzan Scholl We breathe over 23,000 times a day. Read about herbs and techniques to help make it better.
Making Your Own Hard Cider, Gregory Snader The apples are ripe, and cider is showing up everywhere. Great instructions for making your own "hard" cider! Cosmetics for Sensitive Skin, Marcy Lautanen-Raleigh Cold, dry weather is on the way. These preparations will help your skin survive.
Cover by Carey Jung Additional original artwork by Debra Sturdevant

Price:   $4.95 

July/August 15 - Product Image

July/August 15

Field Notes, Tina Sams Deciding what to keep and what to let go to make room for life. About the Cover, Carey Jung She was drawn to tropical beaches for this issue's cover.
Herbal Brews to Help Beat the Heat, Catherine Love What could be more refreshing than these perfect blends? Floral Waters and Colognes, Marcy Lautanen-Raleigh Make your own wearable scents, starting with these recipes.
"Brainiac/Maniac:" Herbs that Support the Nervous System, Suzan T Scholl The nervous system is important for our emotional and physical well-being. Learn to support it naturally. Mints, Mints & More Mints, Sandy Michelsen Easy to grow and use, there's a reason that mints are in almost every herb garden.
Creating a Nature Table, Betsy May Do you come home with pockets full of seeds, rocks, and feathers? This is for you. Roll Me Over, In the Clover, Cathy Calf Child Need a reason to gather the red clover growing outside? Cathy gives us about 100 good ones.
Loving That Lavender, Kristine Brown All about lavender and her lessons. Instructions for an eye pillow, too! Skullcap (Scutellaria laterifolia), Jackie Johnson How and why to use this beautiful, relaxing herb.
Corn Mother Silk Soap, Marci Tsohonis Lush, silky bubbles from the oft overlooked corn silk. What's in a Name? Sue Kusch Do you know your officinale from your vulgaris? You should.
My Love Affair with Lavender, Gale LaScala Some fascinating history regarding lavender. What Drew Me to Herbs? List We asked the Yahoo! group how they first became interested in herbs.
Herbal Kitchen Braid, Rita Richardson Keep culinary herbs handy with this attractive craft, and maybe make an extra or two for gifts.

Price:   $4.95 

May/June 15 - Product Image

May/June 15

Field Notes by Tina Sams Validation isn't always needed, but it sure is nice. Aromatherapy for Beginners, Marcy Lautanen-Raleigh Safety info and a quick overview on a dozen great oils.
The Humble Strawberry, Cathy Calf Child Native medicine teaching will make you liok at the strawberry a little differently. Self Heal, Sandy Michelsen Unassuming, but oh-so-valuable, find out what this weed can do.
Butters and Creams, Jamie Jackson Great information on working with lots of butters and creating luscious skin soothers. Kids Corner, Dancing with Dandelions, Kristine Brown Learn to love these sunny little helpers. Almost everywhere at this time of year, Kristine gives us tons of ways to utilize them.
Through the Looking Glass: Arthur Rackham, Susanna Reppert Susanna's series on fairy artists highlights a prolific illustrator. It's Time to Fall in Love with Hydrosols, Pt 1, Liz Pulcher What are hydrosols and why you should know about them, use them, care for them, and love them.
Our Friend Nettles, Ben Cohen Are nettles growing near you? Get to know them, fresh or dried! Quiz--Questions for Herb Gardeners, Carol Ann Harlos Test your knowledge with this fun quiz.
Spring Wildcrafting, Catherine Love Some favorite wildlings to keep an eye out for in late spring and early summer. Nigella--The Underused Beauty, Jackie Johnson Love in a Mist, stunning in the garden and useful in the home.
Lemon Verbena Shampoo Soap, Marci Tsohonis Mmmm! Lemon Verbena is the scent of summer for some, and it is spectacular in body care products. A bar shampoo to try. Gatherings, Rita Richardson "Snippets of this and a little bit of that for the herb lover and cook."
My Aching Back, Barbara Steele A look back at old-time liniments and some recipes to try. These are as useful today as they ever were. Hydraulics & Herbs, Suzan Tobias Scholl Part 3 "Your Cheatin' Heart" takes up where the previous articles on the Lymph and Circulatory systems left off.

Price:   $4.95 

March/April 2015 - Product Image

March/April 2015

Field Notes, Tina Sams Even in the middle of winter with no outside work to be done, time management is elusive. Two Easy Ways to Get Allergy Relief with Essential Oils, Liz Fulcher Learn about some oils and that help, and how to administer them safely!
Folk Remedies for Arthritis, Sandy Michelsen Take your pick from these old concoctions. They do get passed down for a reason. Plant an Herbal Sundial, Stephany Hoffelt Science + magic = flowers telling time.
Kid's Corner! Check Out Chickweed, Kristine Brown Chickweed should be out in force now, and you'll want to find her. Well-Seasoned Salt, Rita Richardson Take that shaker from the mundane to the extraordinary!
Dandelion Fritters, Marietta Barnett Food that greets the springtime. Creamy Irish Broth with Vegetables, Janice Masters Perfect for those inbetween days when winter fights to hold off spring.
My Snakebite Adventure, Jamie Jackson with Sam Coffman Don't try this at home, kids... but amazing first-person advice for any sort of venomous encounter o
The Herbs of Avalon, Jackie Johnson Jackie is putting Glastonbury on a lot of wish lists with this article. As if we needed more reasons. Hex Signs & PA Dutch Herbalism, Molly Sams 3 generations away from family who were treated by these healers, the interest is stirred anew.
Kava: The Relaxation Inducer, Joe Smulevitz Exactly what is the status of Kava's safety? You might be surprised to find out. Rosemary Lavender Soap, Marci Tsohonis Pure summer sunshine, airy breezes, and clean, fresh scents: this soap.
Time to Sip My Garden Again, Marcia E Herman Gather the herbs for year-round brewing. Through the Looking Glass II, Susanna Reppert Learn about fairy artist Ida Sherbourne Rentoul in this issue!
Spring Cleaning in the Still Room, Catherine Love Natural cleansers for the house, just in time. Favorite Spring Tonic, Jackie Johnson This looks delicious - like root beer.

Price:   $4.95 

November December '14 - Product Image

November December '14

Field Notes Original thought and ideas in herbalism. Unique Holiday Season Recipes, Marcy Lautanen-Raleigh A selection of delectables for the holidays.
Cutting Back, Jamie Jackson Sometimes things don't work out the way the books say they will. Fire Cider--A Tradition Not a Trademark, Rosemary Gladstar A complete explanation of what has been happening and the recipe.
6 Herbs to Fight Viruses, Sandy Michelsen Good info for staying healthy, and a recipe for elderberry syrup. Gift of Health for the Holidays, Heddy Johannesen Instructions for making an herbal gift, and the lore that goes with it.
Soap Connections, Solstice Fire Soap, Marci Tsohonis A super deluxe bar. Fireplace Bundles, Rita Richardson Rest by the fire with these starters, soup, and bread.
What Goes Around, "Hydraulics & Herbs" Part 2, Suzan T Scholl How does that blood get around? How can you help? The Roots are not Evil, Marita A Orr Root medicine isn't so scary.
Slow Medicine, Connecting Herbalism to the Food Movement, Adrian White Food is our medicine. Dyeing with Herbs, Michele Pfaff Some easy dyeing tips.
Gathering an Herb Study Group, Kristine Brown How to start a group. Sumac, Susanna Reppert Brill What is it and how do you use it?
Cover art by Carey Adler Jung

Price:   $4.95 

Sept/Oct '14 - Product Image

Sept/Oct '14

Field Notes from the Editor Sometimes it's the simplest things that make a summer in the garden memorable. Horse Radish, Jackie Johnson Growing, harvensting and preserving this pungent, healthful root.
Beer Bread, Marci Tsohonis Make a quick bread with a bottle of beer. Accidental Herb Garden, Gail LaScala How does a garden become so full of pleasant surprises?
Alehoof, Carol Anne Harlos A weed with many nicknames, we forget the many uses of this one. Fall Fun with Herbs, Catherine Love Bake up the recipe included, and enjoy these last days of outdoor productivity.
Visit to Twa Corbies' Hollow, Heddy Johannesen A fascinating autumn visit to a permaculture homestead in the Nova Scotia highlands. Roots: Your Best Defense, Marita A Orr So many wonderful roots at our "toe-tips" just waiting to help.
Kitchen Oil, Rita Richardson A culinary masterpiece, everytime. Mother of Vinegars, Adrian White A primer on herbal kombuchas and oyxmels!
Midwest Womens' Conference Interviews, Jamie Jackson Visit with Kristine Brown and Gail Faith Edwards. Pumpkins & Jack o'Lanterns, Marcy Lautanen Raleigh Yummilicious fall treats that feature our favorite fall vegetable.
Soap Connection, Elderflower Honey-Ale Soap, Marci Tsohonis Complete instructions to make this unusual skin loving soap. Your Sump--The Lymphatic System, Suzan Tobias Scholl Get a better understanding of this critical internal defensive warrior
Sage Advice, Sandy Michelsen Think of sage as a turkey herb? It has so much more to offer! Root Drawings by Carey Jung Thanks to Carey for the drawings throughout the magazine.

Price:   $4.95 

July/Aug 2014 - Product Image

July/Aug 2014

Field Notes Some thoughts on sharing gardens with neighbors. Black Strap Syrups, Adrian White An interesting, little-used method to make syrups that are filled with vitamins and minerals.
Herbal Beverage Syrups, Stephany Hoffelt Preserve the herbs and flowers so that you can drink them for months to come. Oh Cover; My Cover: The "Skinny" on Herbs, Suzan Scholl For such a large organ, we don't think about our skin nearly enough.
Herb Crafts, Heddy Johannesen A delightful melange of crafts that will be fun to play with during the last months of summer. Crossword Puzzle--Around the Garden, Tina Sams A little something light to work in the hammock.
Mediterranean Diet--You Still Have Time to Garden for It, Jackie Johnson A guide to one of the healthiest eating plans on the planet. Rose Rosette, Jamie Jackson Are your roses doing okay? Be on the look-out for Rosette.
Preserving Culinary Herbs, Sandy Michelsen Several delicious methods of keeping the herbs that will empower you to savor and use them all year long--and plant even more next year. Soap Connections, Marci Tsohonis Marci shares some of the things she's learned from years of soaping.
Elders & Herbs: Simple Skin Care from the Kitchen and Garden, Janice Masters Some simple and nourishing kitchen skin soothers to use topically and as food. Trial by Herbs, Molly Sams After a life time of watching from the sidelines, it's time to step up to the plate.
Roots to Dye For, Marita Orr Natural dying can be very fulfilling and the roots are just about ready! What is an Herbal Meat Rub? Marcy Lautanen-Raleigh Wet or dry? What goes into them? Why? Well, Marcy will tell us and add a couple recipes as well!

Price:   $4.95 

May/June 2014 - Product Image

May/June 2014

Field Notes, Tina Sams Finding the rhythm in the seasons and life in general. Bees in Peril, Heddy Johannesen What's happening to the bees and how can we help?
Rosacea, Michele Pfaff Natural solutions Companion Planting with Herbs, Sandy Michelsen Helping plants to prosper with good neighbors.
Cooking with Lavender, Cherylann McFetridge Learn about using lavender in a lot of new ways. Losing Your Nerve: Lion's Mane and Medicinal Mushrooms, Adrian White Wild mushrooms have a lot to offer us.
Spring Cleaning That's Good for You, Gale LaScala Clearing the clutter from the inside out. Growing Edible Marigolds, Marcy Lautanen-Raleigh Those tasty little gems do more than keep rabbits out of the garden.
Ginseng Companions, Madison Woods Do you know the indicator plants that grow near ginseng? Havin' a Dandy Day! Jessica Morgan Dig those crazy dandelions!
Elders & Herbs--Herbal Support for Sexy Seniors, Janice Masters Can the best really be yet to come? Medicinal Roots, Marita Orr The beginning of a great new series from Marita.
Passionflower, Kristine Brown These strange, otherworldly flowers might be just the thing for you. Herbal Canine Shampoo Bar (or Human Deep Woods Outdoor Soap), Marci Tsohonis It started out as a dog shampoo, but like so much of what we do, went in a completely different direction!
The Chakra Garden, Jackie Johnson Such an inspiring garden idea! Ready for My Big Girl Boots, Elizabeth Weaver-Krieder She's ready to take on the Spring.
Rita's Pitas, Rita Richardson Simple and versatile snack. Natural Ant Deterrent, Michele Pfaff When the ants come marching one by one, be ready.
How to Sell at Craft Fairs and Festivals, Jamie Jackson Lots of insider information to help you learn the ropes. "Gutsy" Herbs, Suzan T Scholl Some say that all disease begins in the gut. Learn how to support a healthy gut.

Price:   $4.95 

September October 2013 - Product Image

September October 2013

Field Notes from the Editor Is it time to stop thinking of herbs and herbalists as strange? About the cover, KJ Hickman This issue's artist bio.
Easy Ways to Preserve Elderberries, Tina Sams You've got a basket (or 10) of berries. Now what? The Homestead, Michele Brown There have been many twists and turns on this herbfarmer's path.
Herbal Remedies, Compilation Favorite concoctions from several readers and contributors. Fun, Sillies and Puns for the Happy Herbalist, Jessica Morgan A talented herbalist with a silly side makes us all smile (with a groan or two).
Fresh Herbs and Fried Oreos, Alicia Allen Starting out with a new business isn't all it's cracked up to be. It is hard work and lots of humility. How to Store Seeds, Heddy Johannesen Now more than ever we need to be keeping our seeds safe and viable.
A Love/Hate Relationship with Herbs - A Gardening Critique, Barbara Steele Are you sure you want to plant that there? Not all plants play nice in the garden. Community Herbalism, Stephany Hoffelt What does it really mean to help your community? Stephany pulls back the lace curtains in this poignant piece
Lovage - a New/Old Herb, Sandy Michelsen Learn some uses for this stately beauty in the garden. Herbal Smoothie Soap And Mucilaginous Plants, Marci Tsohonis A soothing, healing bar with information about the plants that make it so.
Finding Herb Companions, Susanna Reppert You don't have to feel all alone out there! Sarah's Overstuffed Artichokes, Sarah Liberta A luscious meal from the bayou from our Louisiana culinary herbalist.
Fall Weather Signs, Marcy Lautanen-Raleigh Nature's prognotications abound. Just look around and start stacking the wood! Cranberry Nut Relish, Tina Sams Simple and delicious accompaniment to fall dishes.
HERBS OF THE FOREST - Cultivating a Forest Garden, Suzan T. Scholl The woods around you can be your herb garden too. 50 Herbal Essentials for your Kitchen & Garden What do you need? What do you want? And what will make an herbie's life easier?
Talking to Plants, Lalanya Bodenbender Do you speak the language? Or do you feel like you are missing something? Maybe it isn't what you think. The Witches Garden, Jackie Johnson ND Wander among the plants that have been gathered in an imaginary witch's garden.
Using the Mint Harvest, Mary Ellen Wilcox Lore and uses for the unassuming but vastly important mint plant. Elderberry Shrub Concentrate, Tina Sams Make up this concentrate and have this refreshing beverage all year long.

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July August 2013 - Product Image

July August 2013

Field Notes Perennial food gardening is a gradual, thoroughly satifying experience. 7 years in, it is starting to make a difference! About the Cover How do we cope with leaving behind beloved gardens?
A Bible Garden, Jackie Johnson A fascinating look at what went into planning and executing a public garden from a historical perspective. Herb Craft: Painting & Pounding, Suzan T Scholl We can never get enough herb themed accoutrements! Clothing, linens, notepaper; your imagination is your only barrier with this decorative craft.
Thyme, Thymus Vulgaris, Heddy Johannesen Versatile and lovely, there are so many uses for thyme. So unassuming that we often take it for granted. Heddy includes recipes for syrup and vinegar. Thyme in a Magical Garden, Jacquie Beveridge Off we go to visit the charming Thyme Garden Herb Garden in Alsea Valley of the Oregon Coast Range Mountains.
Cimicifuga Racemosa (Black Cohosh,) Sandy Michelsen One of the next plants to be introduced into the woods here, Sandy gives us some good reasons to include Black Cohosh in the garden. SouthRidge Treasures, Coriander (Cilantro,) Mary Ellen Wilcox As usual, Mary Ellen goes beyond the lore, history, and growing information to include 6 great recipes/uses, including Black Bean Salad and Crispy Coriander Potatoes.
Seashore Stirrings, Marci Tsohonis Oceana Soap... Dreams of the beach and the water and the sun all rolled into a fragrant decadent bar of soap. There are also instructions for a couple of different ways to swirl colors into soap. Herbal Wines, Infused Wines, Champagne, Marita Orr Be prepared to find yourself running outside to find ingredients to get started! Marita has outdone herself with this stunning article filled with information, ideas, inspiration, and recipes. I've already made 2 batches of the elderflower champagne!
Fun, Sillies & Puns, Jessica Morgan Jessica collects cute herbal puns and jokes, and has graciously shared a bushel of them with us! Summer Garden Party with Wine & Cheese, Marcy Lautanen-Raleigh Cheese Balls, Crisps, and Logs, Citrus Olives, Pickled Carrots, and all manner of pairing cheeses and wine to make for a memorable picnic or gathering.
The Fragrant Geraniums, Susanna Reppert Brill So many simple ways to use those wonderful leaves, way beyond potpourri! Tea, cake, sugar and more plus how to keep them as house plants. Pure? Natural? Organic? Maryanne Schwartz How do you wade through the hype when people throw around these words until they no longer have any meaning at all?
Pressed into Service, Rita Richardson As the flowers bloom, it can be almost impossible to just let them go. Press them and keep them for decorative purposes!

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May June '13 - Product Image

May June '13

Field Notes, Tina Sams, editor Exciting news going on here in the office! Planting a Healing Garden, Marcia Lautanen Raleigh A healing garden plan using 12 herbs
Herbal Preparation Primer, Tina Sams Quick overview on how to make the most often discussed herbal preparations. Making Your Own Garden Journal, Marnie Plunkett Marnie wanted the perfect journal, so she made it herself!
Ethical Wildcrafting, Stephany Hoffelt The details of wildcrafting that leaves no damage. Favorite Herbal Remedies, Part 1, Compilation We were going to do a book, but you get the recipes we gathered here in article form instead
The Noble Mullein, Sandy Michelsen Ear oil, and lots of storage, harvesting, and uses of this wondrous weed. Project: Community Medicine Garden, Suzan T Scholl Gather your neighbors and begin this great project that could eventually include plants for all sorts of purposes, including food. Start with Medicine.
How to Gather Wild Herbs with Intention, Heddy Johannesen Being very present and in the moment while gathering wild plants Baked Oatmeal, Tina Sams A very popular breakfast food in our area, easy to make, delicious, and very nourishing.
Monarda - It's About Time! Jackie Johnson The "Notable Native" for 2013 is Monarda, and Jackie shares some great knowledge. Ode to Calendula & Castile Soap, Marci Tsohonis Great information on all aspects of calendula, and then as if that weren't enough, Marci walks us through castile soap using calendula.
Provence in the Pacific Northwest, Jacquie Beveridge The Pacific Northwest is giving Provence a run for their money, with hills covered with lavender. Potager-Your Go-to Garden, Rita Richardson Start a Potager, and always be ready to prepare a delicious soup (or potager).
Plant-based Medicine, Joe Smulevitz We often talk about how many medicines are derived from herbs, and Joe talks about a great many of them. Sweet Summer Herbs, Catherine Love Herbs grow when many other things won't if the weather is uncooperative. They are such beautiful, delicious, delightful plants!
Wild Greens, Where to Start, Tina Sams You want to eat the weeds, but the recipes out there are almost too complex. Start simple with some of these ideas, and gradually become familiar with them.

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