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Sept/Oct '10 TEH (download) - Product Image

Sept/Oct '10 TEH (download)

Field Notes from the Editor, Why do we garden? Ditch Watching, Jackie Johnson
Preserving Herbs, Marcy Lautanen-Raleigh Herbs & Celiac Disease, liz Johnson
Historic Herbal, Troches, Kathleen Setzer Herbs of the Zodiac: Libra, Susanna Reppert-Brill and Bertha Reppert
Pass the Pessaries! Karen Mallinger Measuring in Parts, Tina Sams
Oven Tomato Sauce, Maryanne Schwartz Cranberry Thyme, Rita Richards
Pumpkin Cheesecake, Marci Tsohonis SouthRidge Treasures - Jam Making Time, Mary Ellen Wilcox
Reduce Stress to Reduce Illness, Cindy Jones The Global Herbal - The Mediterranean Region, Marita Orr
Holy Basil The Incomparable One, Tina Sams Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse the Herbie Way, Molly Sams
Pumpkin Pie Soap, Marci Tsohonis Pumpkin Bread and Sweet Baked Acorn Squash, Staff
Make Your Own Whipped Body Butter, Maryanne Schwartz Tea Time, Jackie Johnson
Tales from the Tetons - Smoothies, Kristena Haslam Roder Louisiana Lagniappe - Blanche Long's Peach Shortcake, Sarah Liberta
A List of Fall Chores, Marcy Lautanen-Raleigh

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Jul/Aug '10 TEH (download) - Product Image

Jul/Aug '10 TEH (download)

Field Notes from the Editor Doin's here on the hill. Lotions & Cremes, Liz Johnson Try your hand at lotion and creme with these easy to follow instructions and recipes.
Gardening by the Moon, Jackie Johnson Ever wonder when the best time is to plant or mow? Check it out here! Hands on How to: Make Your Own Herbal Tea Blend, Sue-Ryn Burns Sue-Ryn put together demos and classes for her faire shop, and shares them with us.
The Global Herbal - The Arctic Region, Marita K. Orr Did you know there are herbs that grow in the Arctic? Red Clover - Herb of Good Fortune, Mary Hammond "Fairy lore states that unicorns particularly like to lie in fields of red clover."
Plantain, Cindy Jones Nearly everyone has it growing nearby. Learn what to do with it. Historic Herbal - Dental Hygiene, Kathleen Setzer Dental Care through the centuries.
Lavender Lovelies, Marci Tsohonis Try your hand at some fun lavender projects. Herbs of the Zodiac: Leo, Susanna Reppert/Bertha Reppert Some herbs to bring the roar out of the lion!
Herbal Pregnancy Journal - Part 2, Cory Trusty Cory is getting close to delivery, and shares her Birth Kit and Maternity Soup Stock. SouthRidge Treasures - Summertime Coolers, Mary Ellen Wilcox Cool, crisp beverages for those hot, steamy summer days and nights. Ades, Ales, and Switchels!
Cook Up an Herbal Summer, Marcy Lautenen-Raleigh A melange of wonderful summertime concoctions for the table! Crossword Puzzle, Tina Sams A little of this and that, simple summer daydreams
Spoonful of Sugar - Making Herbal Candy, Tina Sams Complete instructions and recipes for the candies we were making all last year. All Purpose, A Natural Healing Salve, Twyla DiGangi Make a sumptuous salve for all those bumps and bruises, aches and pains.
Summer Soups and Salads, Susan Evans 10 of Susan's great summertime treats from the garden. Strawberry Cream Pie, Marci Tsohonis Mmmm... What could be more delicious?
20 Ways to Enjoy Shallots, Rita Richardson You won't run out of ways to use up those beauties! Louisiana Lagniappe - Sweet Herb Roasted Chicken, Sarah Liberta Decidedly different way to delight the whole family.

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May/June '10 TEH (download) - Product Image

May/June '10 TEH (download)

Field Notes from the Editor What's going on around here? Facial Steams, Liz Johnson Take 10 minutes to rejuvenate your face and your spirits. Instructions and suggested herbs for 5 skin types.
The Global Herbal, The Caribbean Islands, Marita A. Orr Traditional medicine of the islands and how disease is viewed in the Caribbean. Hands on How-to: Potpourri, Sue Ryn Burns How one woman teaches a potpourri class in a busy faire setting.
Down on the Farm, After the Growing, Michele Brown & Pat Stewart Herbalize your kitchen with these tried and true recipes. Fair Offerings, Kay Hanson Ever want to enter your specialties in a state fair? Here are some ideas to help the process along.
Historic Herbal, Remedies for Hair Growth, Kathleen Setzer For the love of our crowning glory, from time gone by. Gardening Superstitions, Barbara Will Scarecrows and gnomes and weathersticks, oh my!
Herbs of the Zodiac: Gemini, Bertha Reppert via Susanna Reppert Gemini brings special herbs and a potpourri. Herbal Pregnancy Journey, Cory Trusty One woman's search for a remedy for severe lower back pain -- and beyond.
SouthRidge Treasures, Nasturtiums, Mary Ellen Wilcox There are many things to do with these gems of the garden. Several recipes are included as well as information. Faerie Gardening, Jackie Johnson Just what are fairies, and how can we welcome them to our gardens?
Yarrow, Susan Evans "Useful for so many things, easy to grow and beautiful to boot, what's not to love?" St Johnswort, Mary Hammond Learn why SJW has been considered a mystical, magical plant with amazing healing properties for centuries.
The Soap Pot, Luxuries in Small Packages, Alicia Grosso 5 amazingly decadent recipes made from one pound of oils. Tales from the Tetons, Rooibos, Kristena Haslam Roder Prevent aging, build strong bones and teeth, prevent colic and good for the skin? Drink up!
Herbs as Antioxidants, Cindy Jones What are antioxidents, and why should we seek them out? Zazen Soap Recipe, Marci Tsohonis Luscious soap filled with fresh ginger ... Mmmmm!
18 Reasons to Celebrate Asparagus, Rita Richardson Quick "tips" for this fleeting veggie.

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Jan/Feb '10 TEH (download) - Product Image

Jan/Feb '10 TEH (download)

Field Notes from the Editor Winter Haikus from Sue-Ryn Burns
Down on the Farm, A Dilly of an Herb... Michele Brown and Pat Stewart Dilled Salmon Cream Cheese Tea Sandwiches, Susan Wittig Albert
Scrambled Herbs Puzzle, Janet Teas Warming Winter Recipes - Cold & Flu Care, Betsy May
Elderberry Eases Winter Woes, Mary Hammond o
Happy New Year, Susan Evans The Global Herbal, Australia (Part 1), Marita A Orr
Take-Apart Soap Mold - Cory Trusty Tales from the Tetons, Osha - Kristena Haslam
Aloe, Gail Faith Edwards Wintertime Soups, Mary Ellen Wilcox
Roseroot! Not the Rose You Think, Joe Smulevitz How to Build an Herb Drying Rack, Karen Hood
Historic Herbal: Pearls, Kathleen Setzer The Soap Pot, Slow Cooker Soap in Winter, Alicia Grosso
Dill Pesto Recipe Herbal Extracts, Cindy Jones
Pineapple Sage Jelly, Karen Mallinger Celebrating Oats, Susan Evans
Rose Hip Butter, Mary Graber Louisianna Lagniappe - Sweetheart Rose Brownies, Sarah Liberta

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