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January February 2014 (download) - Product Image

January February 2014 (download)

Field Notes what TEH has been doing for the past 12 years./td> Costmary/Bible Leaf, Sandy Michelsen There are many uses for costmary that don't involve being a bookmark!
My Herbalism, April Coburn Herbalism is something different and very personal to each of us. Herbs Everyday, Daphna Amar Romanoff An herbal bouquet of different ways to use herbs all around the house.
Herbs for Winter, Heddy Johannsen Got garlic, cinnamon, lemon and ginger? These handy household herbs plus a few others to stay healthy through the winter. Opening Our Home to Strangers--WWOOFING, Kristine Brown Ever wonder how it would be to have a little help around the farm?
The History of Tea (Camellia Sinensis), Jackie Johnson We take tea for granted, but there's lots to know about it. Longevity Means Living Well, Suzan T Scholl Here's to a long, healthy life!
Squash--The Seasonal Winter Meal, Marcy Lautanen-Raleigh A delicious, nutritious, versatile vegetable that "keeps" until you need it. SouthRidge Treasures, Nutmeg, Mary Ellen Wilcox Did you know that early American cookbooks contained more recipes using nutmeg than any other spice? Find out why.
In a Lather for Spring, Marci Tsohonis Dress up your soaps for spring--colorants and techniques to get your imagination soaring. Roots & Bliss, Jamie Jackson What happens when reality and idealism collide? We evolve.
The Queen Bean, Rita Richardson Have you eaten flageolet beans? Might be a good one to grow this year! Soup Pot, Janice MastersHearty soups can get us through the most miserable weather.
Cowboy Cookies, adapted from Simplyrecipes.com The cookies we made to share at the Autumn Roots & Wings Fest.

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November December 2013 (download) - Product Image

November December 2013 (download)

Field Notes from the Editor Tina talks about the fun she had with this year's experiments. About the Cover, a little discussion of the barn star. The cover is from Susan Hess.
Balsam Fir, Sandy Michelsen We know them as Christmas trees, but what of the essential oil, the pitch, the needles? What can we do with them? Flavors of the Season, Jackie Johnson The spices that warm us in winter, included in recipes for Spiced Seafoam, Gingerbread, Rum Punch, and more.
Fun, Sillies & Puns for the Happy Herbalist, Jessica Morgan A few more jokes and puns from Jessica, to lighten the quickly shortening days. Recipes for Making Kale a Regular Part of Your Diet, Carey Jung Carey eats kale every day, and has done so for years. How does she do it?
Roots of Herbal Medicine, Joe Smulevitz There have been many steps along the way in the evolution of herbal medicine. Many traditions have borrowed from and built upon each other. Herbal Gifts, Jean Smith Vinegars and oils to make using herbs and spices.
Beyond the Winter Blues, Marita Orr Many terrific ideas, recipes, and suggestions for staying ahead of the winter blues. If you're one who dearly misses the sun, be sure to take note. Winter Craft Ideas, Marcy Lautanen-Raleigh Even more fun, exciting, and welcome gifts to make (maybe just for yourself). Something for everyone.
Der Butzemann, Susan Hess Bridging the Sacred Connection Between Plants and Humans. A fascinating look into some PA German folk tradition. Weaving the Yule Wreath, Heddy Johannesen Learn to make a wreath with found, natural items like cones, pods, leaves and pine boughs.
Holiday Lathers, Marci Tsohonis Oh my... Mint Chocolate Truffle Soap? Need we say more? Like Chocolate Almond Truffle Soap? Five Seasons Teas, Suzan T Scholl How to blend medicinal remedy teas. Suzan provides a chart showing different notes and the types of herbs that fall into those categories.
SouthRidge Treasures, Kitchen Spice Rope, Mary Ellen Wilcox A great fall project that will bring the fragrances of spices into the kitchen and get you right into the mood for celebrating. Buttery Spa Scrubs, Marci Tsohonis Keep that skin supple and smooth all winter long!
Grocery Store Preparedness, Tina Sams Sometimes it's all you can do to drag yourself to the kitchen. Get prepared now and you'll thank yourself later! Retail or Wholesale, Maryanne Schwartz Do you know the difference? If you're starting a business, you should.
Old Country Store Percolator Punch A favorite to serve in the store for many years, now shared with us! Corn Chowder, Susan Hess Something easy and inexpensive to warm you up and stick to your ribs.
Why Not Make Your Own? Rita Richardson Some condiments you might not have considered making yourself. Pumpkin Butter, Karen Hegre Oh delicious concentrated spicy pumpkin spread, how we love you!
Persimmon Cake, Tina Sams I always keep persimmon pulp in the freezer over the winter, just to use to bake moist, dense cakes and cookies.

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September October 2013 (download) - Product Image

September October 2013 (download)

Field Notes from the Editor Is it time to stop thinking of herbs and herbalists as strange? About the cover, KJ Hickman This issue's artist bio.
Easy Ways to Preserve Elderberries, Tina Sams You've got a basket (or 10) of berries. Now what? The Homestead, Michele Brown There have been many twists and turns on this herbfarmer's path.
Herbal Remedies, Compilation Favorite concoctions from several readers and contributors. Fun, Sillies and Puns for the Happy Herbalist, Jessica Morgan A talented herbalist with a silly side makes us all smile (with a groan or two).
Fresh Herbs and Fried Oreos, Alicia Allen Starting out with a new business isn't all it's cracked up to be. It is hard work and lots of humility. How to Store Seeds, Heddy Johannesen Now more than ever we need to be keeping our seeds safe and viable.
A Love/Hate Relationship with Herbs - A Gardening Critique, Barbara Steele Are you sure you want to plant that there? Not all plants play nice in the garden. Community Herbalism, Stephany Hoffelt What does it really mean to help your community? Stephany pulls back the lace curtains in this poignant piece
Lovage - a New/Old Herb, Sandy Michelsen Learn some uses for this stately beauty in the garden. Herbal Smoothie Soap And Mucilaginous Plants, Marci Tsohonis A soothing, healing bar with information about the plants that make it so.
Finding Herb Companions, Susanna Reppert You don't have to feel all alone out there! Sarah's Overstuffed Artichokes, Sarah Liberta A luscious meal from the bayou from our Louisiana culinary herbalist.
Fall Weather Signs, Marcy Lautanen-Raleigh Nature's prognotications abound. Just look around and start stacking the wood! Cranberry Nut Relish, Tina Sams Simple and delicious accompaniment to fall dishes.
HERBS OF THE FOREST - Cultivating a Forest Garden, Suzan T. Scholl The woods around you can be your herb garden too. 50 Herbal Essentials for your Kitchen & Garden What do you need? What do you want? And what will make an herbie's life easier?
Talking to Plants, Lalanya Bodenbender Do you speak the language? Or do you feel like you are missing something? Maybe it isn't what you think. The Witches Garden, Jackie Johnson ND Wander among the plants that have been gathered in an imaginary witch's garden.
Using the Mint Harvest, Mary Ellen Wilcox Lore and uses for the unassuming but vastly important mint plant. Elderberry Shrub Concentrate, Tina Sams Make up this concentrate and have this refreshing beverage all year long.

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July August 2013 (download) - Product Image

July August 2013 (download)

Field Notes Perennial food gardening is a gradual, thoroughly satifying experience. 7 years in, it is starting to make a difference! About the Cover How do we cope with leaving behind beloved gardens?
A Bible Garden, Jackie Johnson A fascinating look at what went into planning and executing a public garden from a historical perspective. Herb Craft: Painting & Pounding, Suzan T Scholl We can never get enough herb themed accoutrements! Clothing, linens, notepaper; your imagination is your only barrier with this decorative craft.
Thyme, Thymus Vulgaris, Heddy Johannesen Versatile and lovely, there are so many uses for thyme. So unassuming that we often take it for granted. Heddy includes recipes for syrup and vinegar. Thyme in a Magical Garden, Jacquie Beveridge Off we go to visit the charming Thyme Garden Herb Garden in Alsea Valley of the Oregon Coast Range Mountains.
Cimicifuga Racemosa (Black Cohosh,) Sandy Michelsen One of the next plants to be introduced into the woods here, Sandy gives us some good reasons to include Black Cohosh in the garden. SouthRidge Treasures, Coriander (Cilantro,) Mary Ellen Wilcox As usual, Mary Ellen goes beyond the lore, history, and growing information to include 6 great recipes/uses, including Black Bean Salad and Crispy Coriander Potatoes.
Seashore Stirrings, Marci Tsohonis Oceana Soap... Dreams of the beach and the water and the sun all rolled into a fragrant decadent bar of soap. There are also instructions for a couple of different ways to swirl colors into soap. Herbal Wines, Infused Wines, Champagne, Marita Orr Be prepared to find yourself running outside to find ingredients to get started! Marita has outdone herself with this stunning article filled with information, ideas, inspiration, and recipes. I've already made 2 batches of the elderflower champagne!
Fun, Sillies & Puns, Jessica Morgan Jessica collects cute herbal puns and jokes, and has graciously shared a bushel of them with us! Summer Garden Party with Wine & Cheese, Marcy Lautanen-Raleigh Cheese Balls, Crisps, and Logs, Citrus Olives, Pickled Carrots, and all manner of pairing cheeses and wine to make for a memorable picnic or gathering.
The Fragrant Geraniums, Susanna Reppert Brill So many simple ways to use those wonderful leaves, way beyond potpourri! Tea, cake, sugar and more plus how to keep them as house plants. Pure? Natural? Organic? Maryanne Schwartz How do you wade through the hype when people throw around these words until they no longer have any meaning at all?
Pressed into Service, Rita Richardson As the flowers bloom, it can be almost impossible to just let them go. Press them and keep them for decorative purposes!

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May June 2013 (download) - Product Image

May June 2013 (download)

Field Notes, Tina Sams, editor Exciting news going on here in the office! Planting a Healing Garden, Marcia Lautanen Raleigh A healing garden plan using 12 herbs
Herbal Preparation Primer, Tina Sams Quick overview on how to make the most often discussed herbal preparations. Making Your Own Garden Journal, Marnie Plunkett Marnie wanted the perfect journal, so she made it herself!
Ethical Wildcrafting, Stephany Hoffelt The details of wildcrafting that leaves no damage. Favorite Herbal Remedies, Part 1, Compilation We were going to do a book, but you get the recipes we gathered here in article form instead
The Noble Mullein, Sandy Michelsen Ear oil, and lots of storage, harvesting, and uses of this wondrous weed. Project: Community Medicine Garden, Suzan T Scholl Gather your neighbors and begin this great project that could eventually include plants for all sorts of purposes, including food. Start with Medicine.
How to Gather Wild Herbs with Intention, Heddy Johannesen Being very present and in the moment while gathering wild plants Baked Oatmeal, Tina Sams A very popular breakfast food in our area, easy to make, delicious, and very nourishing.
Monarda - It's About Time! Jackie Johnson The "Notable Native" for 2013 is Monarda, and Jackie shares some great knowledge. Ode to Calendula & Castile Soap, Marci Tsohonis Great information on all aspects of calendula, and then as if that weren't enough, Marci walks us through castile soap using calendula.
Provence in the Pacific Northwest, Jacquie Beveridge The Pacific Northwest is giving Provence a run for their money, with hills covered with lavender. Potager-Your Go-to Garden, Rita Richardson Start a Potager, and always be ready to prepare a delicious soup (or potager).
Plant-based Medicine, Joe Smulevitz We often talk about how many medicines are derived from herbs, and Joe talks about a great many of them. Sweet Summer Herbs, Catherine Love Herbs grow when many other things won't if the weather is uncooperative. They are such beautiful, delicious, delightful plants!
Wild Greens, Where to Start, Tina Sams You want to eat the weeds, but the recipes out there are almost too complex. Start simple with some of these ideas, and gradually become familiar with them.

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March April 2013 (download) - Product Image

March April 2013 (download)

FIELD NOTES Itching to use some fresh herbs? So are we! ABOUT THE COVER, Kristine Brown Kristine, who writes and illustrates her own beginner's herbal magazine, Herbalrootszine.com, graciously agreed to do a spring cover for us. She explains her inspiration.
AROMATHERAPY - IMPROVING YOUR HEALTH WHILE CLEANING YOUR HOME, Crystal Baldwin 4 great recipes to get you started on a more healthy and natural home cleaning habit. A LITTLE HERBAL HISTORY, Stephany Hoffelt Think you know all about Queen of Hungary Water and Four Thieves' Vinegar? You might just be surprised.
CILANTRO OR IS IT CORIANDER?, Kathy Rohrbach What is it, how do you grow it, and what about harvesting and storing? Find out here, and then make up some salsa using her simple recipe! PATIO GARDENING IDEAS, Marcy Lautanen-Raleigh Need some whimsical new ideas for small space gardening? You'll love the ideas and photos Marcy shares in this article.
MEDIEVAL MARTHA - IT'S A GOOD THING, Jackie Johnson Just how does one keep a castle tidy? Prepare feasts? Care for the sick? Beautify one's visage? Not exactly the good old days by any means, but surprising how much will sound familiar, herbally speaking. ROSE QUARTZ" HOT PROCESS SOAP, Marci Tsohonis Marci made this stunningly beautiful soap, and upon seeing it I asked for an article. She started at the very beginning of the process and takes us all the way through.
SEEDS OF SPRING, Heddy Johannesen Get those seeds going so you'll be ready as soon as your final frost date passes. HERBS OR SPICES, Sandy Michelsen Nuggets of information on the lore and use of various herbs and spices. Do you know what was hung on the door at night during the Middle Ages to repel evil spirits? You will.
SPRINGTIME ON A PLATE, Rita Richardson Delectable herbed chicken dish that includes everything for a meal, all together. SURVIVAL HERBS, Suzan T Scholl We never know when a natural disaster might send us scrambling for herbs to use medicinally in first aid. Suzan discusses what we might want to have on hand to stay as healthy and de-stressed as possible.
From the Vault: STARTING AN HERB GARDEN, Jim Long It can be daunting to start big with herbs. Much better to start with something that we can easily manage and go from there. Perfect solution? A half-barrel (or something similar) is just right. TO BEE OR NOT TO BEE, Delores Harris Is beekeeping for you? Delores honestly shares what she's learned, both good and bad.
SouthRidge Treasures: LADY'S MANTLE, Mary Ellen Wilcox Besides looking beautiful (especially after a rain), what the deal with Lady's Mantle? IMMUNE BOOSTER TEA, Katie - Allure d'la Fleur Early spring still holds the threat of colds and flu. Here's a terrific tea recipe to get you through.
MARKETING YOUR HERBAL WARES, Susanna Reppert Brill 40 plus years of Reppert marketing wisdom tells Susanna that the times, they are a-changing and she's up to the challenge. HONEY RECIPES & TIPS, PA Beekeepers Association A couple recipes and tips for use and storage.
HERBAL SALT SCRUB, Cindy Jones, Ph.D You could spend a fortune on a jar of herbal salt scrub OR you could whip it up at home for a fraction of the cost (and a lot fewer additives). Hmmm... tough choice!

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January February 2013 (download) - Product Image

January February 2013 (download)

Field Notes - When do we decide to claim our knowledge? An Herbal Event, Carey Jung Review and recipe from Rosemary Gladstar's latest book!
Cornflower, Cindy Jones - More than the description of a color, this flower has lots to offer. Collector of Stories, Jackie Johnson - Jackie shares some of the herb lore that we all love so well.
Seedy Advice, Rita Richardson - Seeds as food make tasty additions. Book Excerpt, Andrea Butje - Natural grout scrub made with household staples and essential oils!
From the Vault, Folk Remedies, Jim Long - Years ago in Missouri, Grace Hudson traveled with her husband and family to logging camps, taking along her folk remedies and knowledge. Cultivating Herb Enthusiasts, Jacquie Beveridge - How many times have we talked about finding other herbies nearby to learn with? Jacquie tells us all about the beginnings of the Florence (OR) Herb Enthusiasts, and how they've grown and grown.
Using Essential Oils in Melt & Pour Soaps,Joshua Thorne - Fragrant soaps that include properties from essential oils and melt & pour soap base Herb Soaps with Melt & Pour Soap Bases, Tina Sams - How and why of adding herbs to soaps that can be used almost immediately.
Herbal Concoctions, Sandy Michelsen - Sandy's resolution for the new year is to share her collection of herbal remedies far and wide Midwinter Soups, Suzan T Scholl - Six delicious vegetarian soups that combine flavor with healing and comfort.
A Special Plant from the Pacific Northwest, Joe Smulevitz - A plant named Oplopanax horridus ("Devil's Club") doesn't *sound* healing... Sweet Sleep Tea, Katie from Allure d'La Fleur - Reading in bed is fine, but when it turns to sleep deprivation, a good tea just might do the trick.
Crossword Puzzle, Herbal Medicine Chest, by Tina Sams - Curl up with the mag, a pencil (or pen if you're bold) and have some herbie puzzle fun. The Worst Soup in the World, Maryanne Schwartz - A family tradition that we (almost) all love.
Winter Interest in the Garden, Marcy Lautanen-Raleigh - Instead of a the stark and often monochromatic landscape, try some plantings that will shine all year long. Winter Rooting Tips, Susanna Reppert Brill - Start a little something going on inside now to hold you til spring.
SouthRidge Treasures, Skin, Hair & Bath Products at Home, Mary Ellen Wilcox - A bushel and a peck of treats for your winter-weary skin and hair. Valentine Specialties from the Herb Garden, Marcy Lautanen-Raleigh

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November December 2012 (download) - Product Image

November December 2012 (download)

Field Notes It would seem that the more things change, the more things stay the same. About the Cover, Carey Jung Carey tells how she came up with the concept for the cover and how it expresses her feelings about the magazine, the community that surrounds and supports it, and the people she's met through it.
Civil War: Conditions, Treatments & Botanicals, Jackie Johnson The nitty-gritty of germs, fevers, herbs that were used, and all of the things soldiers faced that were as bad as the enemy's weapon. Herb/Spice Bread Dough Wreath, Rita Richardson A fun decorative project to do alone or with kids.
Handmade Holidays, Kristin Henningsen Make some quick, easy, inexpensive holiday gifts with these recipes and instructions. Herbal Ice Pops, Michael Blackmore Ice pop recipes that will help keep the family healthy and happy.
Ginger Sore Throat Syrup, Marci Tsohonis There are so many good reasons to have a good ginger syrup handy over the winter (well... all the time)! Winter Remedies with Summer Herbs, Suzan T Scholl Ideas for the medicine cabinet abound.
Seasoning for the Season, Marcy Lautenan-Raleigh Mmmm mmm! Corn relish, purple basil jelly, lime mint slaw, and many other delectable delicacies. Herbs for the Eating Season, Sandy Michelsen Here it comes. The Eating Season is upon us, and Sandy shares herbal remedies to offer relief.
Louisiana Lagniappe, Spiced Citrus & Cranberry Punch, Sarah Liberta A holiday beverage fit for entertaining yet still full of vibrant, healthy fruits and spices. Oh Christmas Tree!, Marci Tsohonis The scent inspires some wonderful pine/fir concoctions to soothe winter illnesses.
Rosemary ... My Remembrance, Janice Kline For Janice, this dear herb of remembrance was more healing than she might have believed possible. Yule Magic, Heddy Johannesen Nature inspires these creations - incense, tree decorations, sachets, and a bath salt blend.
From the Vault, Pumpkin Chiffon Pie Is there any way we can get enough pumpkin at this time of year? SouthRidge Treasures, Holiday Breads, Mary Ellen Wilcox A lovely array of quickbreads that can be made ahead and frozen for gift-giving or to have on hand through the winter.
Mama Elizabeth's Baklava, Zan Asha Zan shares her mother's recipe for baklava! o
From the Vault, Dilly Popovers These were deemed "like campaign speeches, full of hot air, but easier to stomach." From the Vault, Honey Butter One last quick, easy, yet luscious item to make for gifts or keeping to yourself.

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September October 2012 (download) - Product Image

September October 2012 (download)

Field Notes from the Editor Herbal Connections, Winter Herbs, Marita A Orr
Grooming & Pruning Herb Plants, Michele Brown Seasonal Support, Suzan T Scholl
From the Vault, Secrets of the Scented Bead, Carol Huettner Medicinal Vinegar Tinctures, Marci Lautanen-Raleigh
SouthRidge Treasures, Lots of Pesto, Mary Ellen Wilcox Mullein the Great, Marci Tsohonis
Autumn Magic, Heddy Johannsen Oatmeal--Food as Medicine, TEH Compilation
How to Dehydrate Lemons, Delores Harris Pumpkin, TEH Compilation
Take Three Weeds, Sharon Wolfe Topsick What is an Herbalist, Jackie Johnson, ND
Herban Legends, Rita Richardson

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July August 2012 (download) - Product Image

July August 2012 (download)

Field Notes from the Editor Druid Plant Quiz
Druid Herbals, Suzan T Scholl Louisiana Lagniappe, Shrimp Pasta Salad,Sarah Liberta
A Rose by Any Other Name, Rita Richardson What to Do About a Sunburn, Cindy Jones
Herbal Recipes for Well-Being, Heddy Johannesen May Apples in Summer, Maryanne Schwartz
Wildharvest Adventure in Ohio, Jeni D Greenwood The Rose, Marita A Orr
Tomato Freezer Jam Literary Seed Cake
Summer Herb Sauces, Marcy Lautenan-Raleigh The Humble Dandelion, Sandy Michelsen
SouthRidge Treasures, Tansy, Mary Ellen Wilcox The Soap Pot, Yarrow Sunburn Suite, Alicia Grosso
Salsa!, Tina Sams Women Herbalists, Maud Grieve,Susanna Reppert Brill
Herbal Mothproofer Mix

Price:   $4.95 

May June 2012 (download) - Product Image

May June 2012 (download)

Field Notes What the heck is going on out there? How are our gardens growing? Shaker Sachets, Karen Hegre A quick, easy, and useful herbal craft
Herbs for Bees and Beekeepers, Suzan T Scholl How to help bees thrive by giving them what they need, and a primer on what products bees make. Edible Flowers: More than Decoration, Marcy Lautanen-Raleigh Many, many ideas and recipes for using edible flowers in the kitchen!
Herbal Connections, Herbs for Lowering Cholesterol,Marita A Orr several herbal options that can be just as effective without the side effects. Vinegar of the Four Thieves, Rita Richardson An interesting vinegar to make and use - whether a plague abounds or not.
The Scented Imagination: Random Thoughts on Ambergris, Marcia Elston "The Gold of the Ocean" or whale vomit? Faith in Tomatoes, Belle DiMonte A love letter to the simple act of loving plants.
LA Lagniappe, River Town Shrimp & Eggplant Jambalaya, Sarah Liberta Authentic Jambalaya recipe from deep in the heart of Louisiana, this recipe will have your mouth watering! How to Make a Plant Press, Erin McIntosh Directions to help you make a plant press to keep some of the spring and summer available for crafting or sweet memories.
Toxins in the Home, Heddy Johannesen Lots of simple, useful ideas for keeping a healthier home. Natural Facials, Marcy Lautanen-Raleigh Cleanser for each type of skin, using herbs and kitchen items.
What I Do with Herbs, Susan Broyles Susan shares the many ways she incorporates herbs into all the days of her life. The Soap Pot, Herbal Color Swirling, Alicia Grosso Three soaps, colored with herbs, and swirled into a spectacular bar of herbie goodness.
Getting to Know Spicebush, Tina Sams The Notable Native of 2012 and we take a look at this very prolific woodland shrub. Summertime Herbal Friends, Tina Sams A few quick wild herbal helpers to get through the bumps and bugs of summer.
Women Herbalists, Hildegard of Bingen, Susanna Reppert Brill Visions or migraines? We'll never know for certain, but Susanna takes us along on a trek into the 12th century and Medieval time of herbalism. Not So Humble Chickweed, Sandy Michelsen Chickweed salve recipe with some information about this amazing, common weed.
Strawberry Scones, Janet Roberson What could be better at this time of year, than to start the day (or during mid-afternoon tea) with a burst of strawberry?

Price:   $4.95 

March April 2012 (download) - Product Image

March April 2012 (download)

Field Notes from the Editor How do you choose to share your herbie knowledge with others? About the Cover Betty Pillsbury shared one of her award-winning, hand-sewn crazy quilts for this issue.
The Faerie Ring, Lady Jess Roses, Betty Pillsbury
Natural Coconut/Citrus Oil Wood Conditioner, Blanca Davila Eating Roses, Jim Long
Herbal Connections, Bitters, Marita A Orr Boneset - A Traditional Cold & Flu Remedy, Joe Smulevitz M.H.
Celebrate International Women's Day the Herbie Way, Marcy Lautanen-Raleigh How Women Came to have Knowledge of Plants, Jackie Johnson
Container Gardening, Tiffany M Psichopaidas SouthRidge Treasures, Ginger, Mary Ellen Wilcox
Make Medicine, Not Drugs, Paola Aliaga Women Herbalists, Lydia Pinkham, Susanna Reppert Brill
The Historic Herbal, Making Kohl Eyeliner, Kathleen Setzer The Pleasure of Plotting & Planning an Herb Garden, Catherine Love
Don't Rain on the Rhubarb ... or the Asparagus, Rita Richardson The Soap Pot, Rose Soap, Alicia Grosso
Frugal & Tasty Herbal Seasoning from Your Garden, Sandy Michelsen Louisiana Lagniappe, Shrimp Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms,Sarah Liberta
Marian Flowers & Mary's Gardens, Cindy Jones The Roots of Food Independence are in the Garden, Melissa "Honeybee" Nicole Sidelinger

Price:   $4.95 

Jan/Feb 2012 (download) - Product Image

Jan/Feb 2012 (download)

Field Notes from the Editor - Learning is a never-ending joy. We've been doing lots of it around here lately. About the Cover Artist Carolina Gonzalez contributed an original work depicting Flora
Therapeutic Baths, Tiffany M Psichopaidas Lousiana Lagniappe, Sally Lunn, Sarah Liberta
Vanilla Sugar, Rita Richardson Valentine Specialties from the Herb Garden, Marcy Lautanen-Raleigh
Sunchokes/Jerusalem Artichokes, Jackie Johnson SouthRidge Treasures, Warming Masala Chai, Mary Ellen Wilcox
Aphrodisiacs, Marita A Orr Herbal Topiaries, Kathy Musser
Refilling Your Own Cup, Catherine Love Winter Soups, Marcy Lautanen-Raleigh
The Herbal Adventures of the Twisted Sisters, (Mistakes) Part 6, Tina Sams & Maryanne Schwartz The Soap Pot, Soaping with Stored Herbs, Alicia Grosso
Tea - Cold Weather Ally, Cindy Jones It's All Good Herbal Salve, Sandy Michelson
Working Together as Small Businesses, Tina Sams Herbs of the Zodiac: Pisces, Susanna Reppert Brill/Bertha Reppert

Price:   $4.95 

November/December '11 TEH (download) - Product Image

November/December '11 TEH (download)

Field Notes from the Editor "This is the way it is; this is what we do." List Article Readers share family traditions that include herbs and spices over the holidays.
Calm Amid the Chaos, Tiffany M Psichopaidas Delicious Wintertime Remedies, Kate Ferreri
Celebrating Martinmas, Marcy Lautanen-Raleigh Fire and Ice Balm, Marci Tsohonis
Dreaming of the Medieval Physic Garden, Heather Nic an Fhleisdeir Goldenseal History and Use, Joe Smulevitz
Cottonwood Buds - A Winter Foraging Adventure, Marci Tsohonis Nutrients for Your Skin, Cindy Jones, Ph.D.
Pomanders, Buena Tomalino The Herbal Adventures of the Twisted Sisters, Part 5, Tina Sams & Maryanne Schwartz
Creating Sacred Gardens, Marita A. Orr Sharing the Gift of Wisdom, Melissa Sidelinger
Louisiana Lagniappe, Double Dates, Stuffed Dates, 2 Ways, Sarah Liberta Be Prepared, Karen Mallinger CNHP MH
Holiday Gift Basket, Kelli Scott SouthRidge Treasures, A Spice Necklace - The Magical Power of Spices, Mary Ellen Wilcox
Historic Herbal, Candy Comfits, Kathleen Setzer Holly and Ivy - A Duet of Green Allies, Amanda Dainow
The Story of Humans and Herbs, Jackie Johnson Herbs of the Zodiac: Capricorn, Susanna Reppert Brill/Bertha Reppert

Price:   $4.95 

September/October '11 TEH (download) - Product Image

September/October '11 TEH (download)

Field Notes from the Editor Herbal Connections, Winter Herbs, Marita A Orr
Grooming & Pruning Herb Plants, Michele Brown Seasonal Support, Suzan T Scholl
From the Vault, Secrets of the Scented Bead, Carol Huettner Medicinal Vinegar Tinctures, Marci Lautanen-Raleigh
SouthRidge Treasures, Lots of Pesto, Mary Ellen Wilcox Mullein the Great, Marci Tsohonis
Autumn Magic, Heddy Johannsen Oatmeal--Food as Medicine, TEH Compilation
How to Dehydrate Lemons, Delores Harris Pumpkin, TEH Compilation
Take Three Weeds, Sharon Wolfe Topsick What is an Herbalist, Jackie Johnson, ND
Herban Legends, Rita Richardson

Price:   $4.95 

July/Aug '11 TEH (download) - Product Image

July/Aug '11 TEH (download)

Fairy Friends, Melissa Nicole "Honeybee" Sidelinger SouthRidge Treasures, Rosemary, Mary Ellen Wilcox
Labor & Delivery Room Kit, Betsy May Herbal Connections, Aromatics, Marita A Orr
Finding Fellow Herbies, Marnie Plunkett Weeds in my Soup, Dianne Runge
Summer Pampering for Pets, Marcy Lautanen-Raleigh Sour Cherry Scones, Marge Clark
Gems from Your Garden, Rita Richardson The Herbal Adventures of the Twisted Sisters, Part 3, Tina Sams & Maryanne Schwartz
Pinch of Herbs & Sprinkle of Spice Quiz, Yvette Thomas Summer Recipes from the Herb & Vegetable Garden, Marcy Lautanen-Raleigh
The Soap Pot, Back to the Beginning, Alicia Grosso Natural Deodorant, Rachel Johnston
Herbs of the Zodiac: Virgo, Susanna Reppert Brill/Bertha Reppert The Historic Herbal, Buttermilk Cheese, Kathleen Setzer

Price:   $4.95 

May/June '11 TEH (download) - Product Image

May/June '11 TEH (download)

Green Elder Ointment, Marci Tsohonis Butterbur: Little known Versatile Herb, Joe Smulevitz
Composting Boot Camp, Marci Tsohonis Herb Notes, Rita Richardson
Hemp Agrimony vs. Gravel Root, Cathy Walker SouthRidge Treasures, Heartsease - Johnny Jump Up, Mary Ellen Wilcox
Growing Medicinal Herbs in the High Country, Kristie Nackord The Historic Herbal, Paints from Plants, Kathleen Setzer
The Herbal Adventures of the Twisted Sisters, Part 2, Tina Sams & Maryanne Schwartz Fresh Fruit Face Mask, Cindy Jones
Cool Summer Salads, Susan Evans You Might Be an Herbie..., List
Spring Renewal-Drawer Sachets, Marcy Lautanen-Raleigh Third Trimester: The Last Haul!, Betsy May
Nettle - More Than a Cup of Tea, Mary Lou Kersey The Soap Pot, Introduction to Milk Soap, Alicia Grosso
Herbs, Meet Life... Life, Meet Herbs, Michele Brown An Introduction to Muscle Testing, Part 2, Karen Mallinger
Herbs of the Zodiac: Cancer, Susanna Reppert Brill/Bertha Reppert Go a Little Crazy with Oxeye Daisy- The Obvious Flower, Dianne Kidman
Tea Dyed Silk Scarves, Jackie Johnson In Praise of the Humble Dandelion, Melissa Nicole Sidelinger
Louisiana Lagniappe, Shrimp Creole with Lemon Herbs, Sarah Liberta

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Mar/Apr '11 TEH (download) - Product Image

Mar/Apr '11 TEH (download)

What exactly is an herbalist these days? Tina Sams Chives, Tina Sams
Herbal Connections, Adaptogens, Marita A Orr Make a Bagel Birdfeeder, Melissa Nicole Sidelinger
Winter Detoxification & Remedies, Mary Graber Color Harmonies in Your Garden, Patricia Myers
Lemon Herbs & Other "Fruity" Herb Flavors, Barbara Steele The White Pine - Tree of Peace, Mary Ellen Wilcox
An Introduction to Muscle Testing, Part 1, Karen Mallinger Earth Mama, A Cold Process Soap Recipe, Marci Tsohonis
New Uses for Tea, Marcy Lautanen-Raleigh Recipes for Spring, Susan Evans
Sumac, More Than Meets the Eye, Cathy Walker Because of Parsley, Rita Richardson
Second Trimester: Supporting Your Body & Your Growing Baby, Betsy May Elderberry Through the Seasons, Michele Brown
Urban Herbalism, Stephany Hoffelt Getting Ready for Spring - Starting Your Garden, Jackie Johnson
The Sweet Delight of Cinnamon, Melissa Nicole Sidelinger Looking Forward to Spring - Loc Tay, Scotland, Cath McGregor
Beat the Late Winter Blues, Mary Graber The Herbal Adventures of the Twisted Sisters, Part 1, Tina Sams & Maryanne Schwartz
Herbs of the Zodiac: Taurus, Susanna Reppert/Bertha Reppert Wild Things, Tina Sams
Musings from the Mountains, Gale LaScala

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Jan/Feb '11 TEH (download) - Product Image

Jan/Feb '11 TEH (download)

Winter Herbs, Oils, & First Aid, Mary Graber Winter Soups & Stews, Susan Evans
Heaven "Scent" Sachets, Diane Runge The Historic Herbal, Fragrant Washing Soaps, Kathleen Setzer
For Your Valentine - a Tussie Mussie, Mary Ellen Wilcox Top 10 Herbal Resolutions, Cory Trusty
Food by the Fireplace, Melissa Sidelinger Unusual Salted Potpourris, Marcy Lautenan-Raleigh
February is Chocolate Month, Jackie Johnson Curry Up!!! Rita Richardson
Yummy Yam Spice Muffins, Sarah Liberta The 1st Trimester: Preparing, Betsy May
Winter Soothing Herbal Breads, Marcy Lautenan-Raleigh Gardeners Herbal Hand Soap, Marci Tsohonis
The Soap Pot, How to Swirl, Alicia Grosso o
Sugar Hearts, Cindy Jones The Winter Garden, Maryanne Schwartz
Herbs of the Zodiac: Aquarius, Susanna Reppert Brill/Bertha Reppert Herb of the Year - Horseradish, Tina Sams
Why I Love Horseradish, Carey Jung Warm Fuzzy Feeling, Jennifer Lane

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Nov/Dec '10 TEH (download) - Product Image

Nov/Dec '10 TEH (download)

Field Notes from the Editor Tales from the Tetons: Crafts and Food, Kristena Haslem
Baking Old-Fashioned Sourdough Bread, Melissa Nicole Sidelinger Feverfew, Cindy Jones
Gifts for New Herbies, Tina Sams Hibiscus Acetosella, Cory Trusty
Try a Tincture Mary Hammond SouthRidge Treasures: Under the Mistletoe, Mary Ellen Wilcox
The Lore of Holiday Plants, Jackie Johnson Herbs of the Zodiac: Sagittarius, Susanna and Bertha Reppert
A Month of Herbs, Rita Richardson Autumn Baked Vegetables, Rosanne Tartaro
Louisiana Lagniappe: Spiced Fruit Compote, Sarah Liberta Licorice, Maryanne Schwartz
Spice Wreath, Marcy Lautanen-Raleigh Historical Herbal: Astrological Botany, Kathleen Setzer
The Soap Pot: Castile Soap, Alicia Grosso The Global Herbal: North America, Marita A Orr

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